Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Major Firestorm Viewer Update!

Get it from the  Downloads Page and please do a  clean install  to avoid performance and stability problems.
Instructions here.

In our last blog post we said we would have two separate builds for this release -- one for OpenSim and the other for Second Life -- to comply with requirements for using Havok. This is still the plan for the future, but it's postponed because Pathfinding isn't ready and Havok isn't available yet. And so for this release only, you get OpenSim goodness included!

FULL of Awesome Update!
This Firestorm update is HUGE with regard to features, fixes and improvements, and it brings us to 99% feature completeness compared to Phoenix. Almost four months in the making it is easily one of our biggest updates to date. Not only that, but it's thoroughly quality tested by our revitalized Quality Assurance team using new structured test procedures by more than 100 dedicated beta testers! They've been REALLY busy!

This update puts a lot of focus on the needs of builders, scripters, estate managers, average to advanced users and of course V1/Phoenix diehards by providing...
- New Features and Tools for builders, scripters and estate managers.
- More options for legacy V1 features/behavior
- Greater flexibility, functionality, performance and Stability for everyone!

But rather than bore you with chit chat, let me just point out a very small sample of what you get with this update! You can see the full  Release notes here.

- Up to date with Linden 3.3.3 code base.
- RLV 1.4.6
- New Permanent Derender / Asset Blacklist   
Sound Explorer
Right click > Script Options!  Epic!
- OpenSim Prefs Panel  and expanded grid manager.
Loads of new tools and improvements for Builders!  Click to check that out!
- LSL PreProcessor  It's back!
Enhancements to client AO so it can be enabled/disabled via scripts.  Long requested! We aim to please!
- Increased text buffer size to allow for larger copy/pastes and longer messages in IMs and Local chat.
- Temp uploads for snapshots returned
- Ctrl or Shift + Mouse scroll wheel to change default camera position! So awesome!
- Profile, script info button and estate kick functions added to Top Scripts and Top Colliders floaters
- Support for 1024×1024 terrain textures
- Keyboard shortcut hovertips over Toolbar buttons
- Texture size display for all objects and attachments!  (Develop Menu>Render Metadata>Texture Size)
Crash Logging!  And yes we WILL be fixing crashes with these so please send them!
- Option to use different search terms between inventory / Recent / Worn. (Prefs>Firestorm>General>Allow separate search terms..) HUGE!
- Option to display Received Items folder as regular folder in inventory or standard V3 display (Prefs> Firestorm>General>"Show received items folder...")
- Option to use V1-style inventory Accept/Decline messages (Prefs>Privacy>"Use legacy inventory offer...").
Growl for Mac, Windows and Linux!
- New windlight settings
- Fixes for Linux-specific problems
- LOADS of crash, stabilization and performance fixes/improvements

Please be patient with our support staff as they will be very busy, as they always are during a release and can only do so much.

4.1.1 Classes!
We've got newly updated classes as well now to teach you how to use all these new features, preferences, options and goodies. We highly encourage you to come check them out -- lots of new stuff to learn! Check them out here

Don't forget to clean install!!

Wow what a release! Have at it, folks! Enjoy and we'll see you in world!

The Phoenix Firestorm Team!


  1. just awesome thanks so much for all the works accomplish

  2. Are the Mouselook bugs fixed? (No inventory or map in mouselook)

  3. I haven't tested yet... but when the Permanent Derender / Asset Blacklist works, you'll makeme really happy... Garbage be gone!

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    1. Hi, I deleted my earlier comment after I found the crashes were gone after a complete restart of the system. I'm still a bit annoyed that I had to re-do all my settings and lost 10 GB worth of cached textures, but hey, i'm happy the crashes are gone now :D

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  6. Absolutely amazing. I had been back and forth on a jira because of the ATI card problem that never resolved with each update... UNTIL NOW! I have sky. I can SEE CLOUDS! and..AND! I have shadows back!. The graphics are clear, sharp, and load quickly, and even running on high settings (without shadows enabled) i experienced no lag. GREAT JOB DEVELOPERS!

  7. Why did I read this entire post in a 50s television announcer's voice?

    Anyway, awesome update is awesome.

  8. OMG guys, you did so MUCH!!!

    Its an awesome release congrats and thank you!

  9. Yay Finally, a big improvement from the last release, thank you!

  10. So I updated, and now my mesh is either not rendering at all, or rendering horribly, horribly wrong.


    1. find the cache folder and totally delete everything.
      That's what i did.

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  11. Unable to log in with a new account.... terms of service never load. also search function not working.

  12. will continue using firestorm since that is apparently the last release with the sidebar fui is evil and i don't want to use it.

  13. Norton Antivirus keeps telling me that slplugin.exe is infected with something and kills it -- any idea what's going on?

  14. While I do really appreciate all the work that goes into this and before I forget .... Thank you for that; is it not possible to get a voice reset button in there?

    You cross a sim or two and voice is gone and doesn't come back without a restart.

  15. @jjtimken
    You can blame LL for the loss of the sidebar. I guess nobody there thought it might be nice not to orphan those who'd gotten used to that interface when they went to FUI. They didn't and I haven't gotten the idea that returning it is very high on the list for the Phoenix devs. Most of them hated the sidebar from day one and a great deal of Firestorm's early development was an effort to get rid of it. There are only so many completely different UI's they can be expected to support.

  16. Thanks this is a great stable version!
    Only the worlds after tp are slow in rendering.
    Why did you bring the max. bandwith back to 3000 kbs?

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  18. I was ultra reluctant to move to Firestorm to begin with. For me,(stressing this is MY OPINION, and may not be shared by the masses) Firestorm is overall not as user friendly to builders as Emergence was. With forcing myself to use Firestorm and only Firestorm until I got used to it, it is no where near as annoying to me now as it was. With one exception. Across the top of the camera controls is a little strip of icons. They allow you to whip into mouselook, put the camera view behind your avatar ect. I'm a builder. A jeweler to be more precise. I deal in nanoprims and screwy camera angles all day long. For the love of god can you either move those tiny icons further up away from the camera controls, or make it so we can get rid of that bar entirely if we don't want to use it? Countless times in the past couple months I have thrown myself into mouselook or into behind avatar view after spending ages getting into just the right angle to do something with a nanoprim. PLEASE I can not beg you enough to do something about this.

  19. I agree with Endra. The camera controls are very much NOT builder friendly. The row of icons at the top of the camera controls is far too sensitive, and too close to the part we use the most, and it is extremely annoying to have to reset camera view all the time when you are working. They may be helpful for photographers and such, but for those of us that build with smaller prims, they are an annoyance. Can we possibly get a "hide/show" feature on this?

    Oh and btw, my crashes I had been having with the last update, are completely gone, so ty. Less lag on my end, no more crashes, and I can take high rez pictures once again. Bravo.

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  23. Like Dividni Shostakovich with Norton Antivirus, my Symantec Endpoint Protection is now detecting slplugin.exe and quarantining it. This didn't happen in the previous release version. I tried completely uninstalling the previous version and re-installing this release, but I still get the same.

    Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan
    Event: Risk Found!
    Security risk detected: Suspicious.MLApp
    File: C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Release\slplugin.exe
    Location: C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Release
    Action taken: Pending Side Effects Analysis : Access denied
    Date found: Thursday, July 12, 2012 4:42:16 PM

    Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan
    Event: Security Risk Found!
    Security risk detected: Suspicious.MLApp
    File: C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Release\slplugin.exe
    Location: Quarantine
    Action taken: Quarantine succeeded : Access denied
    Date found: Thursday, July 12, 2012 4:42:38 PM

    What do I do now? How should I report it other than the comments here?

  24. Soo I love the update =D The only downfall that I have come across is that when you lower the water on a region, the surrounding water around the island stays the same height, so you see it floating around the sim =/

    I tried restarting the region and also setting my preferences to ultra to make sure it wasn't just me. Help!

  25. FABULOUS!! Cannot thank you all enough! Things are running way smoother in Opensimulator for us now, and thank you again for putting someone on the case to improve the usability there. ALOT of us use this as our primary viewer there, and the improvement is outstanding!!

  26. To bad you didn't include auto complete names in this update :(

    On the other hand, with all those stupid fonts people use in the DN now it would not been much use.

  27. Still no OTR? How can you be at 99% feature completeness with Phoenix with no off-the-record messaging?

  28. How do you undo derendering of things?
    I derenders some things.. now i don't know how to make them show again.

  29. Im glad you are doing a open sim relase as well!

  30. @ iynque


    And don't forget we do have a support team!

  31. @ Michael Ponder
    Re derender

    click world menu> asset blacklist.

    But also please note that if you read the blog announcement you can click the part that says "Permanent Derender / Asset Blacklist" and it takes you to where we have documented how to use it! Which is here.

    In fact! we document just about everything in our viewer, so if your not sure search our wiki!.

  32. I should also mention.. we have free classes folks! if your not sure how to use something.. you'll learn at our classes.

    With new features, changes and improvements comes the need to learn how to use them. We can't magically transmit that knowledge directly into your brain but we have made every effort to make learning as easy as possible for you.
    Classes, Wiki documentation, support groups and a dedicated support team. etc, etc. We do the best we can, but you guys have to look for the information in order to find it. It's very unlikely you'll find the information by complaining in blog comments.

  33. blakesteel: 99% feature complete says that nearly all, but not all, features are present. OTR and import/export (and the build features that depend on them, like default textures) are the only two Phoenix features I'm aware of that aren't there. Out of the hundreds of features we've added, that's s tiny yes, 99% feature complete is appropriate.

    For what it may be worth, OTR has a few folks who are very interested in it; for the rest of us, it's a yawner. I'm much more interested in import/export, myself.

    We are planning to incorporate both as soon as we can. We decided not to hold up this release for either.

  34. I'm not that impressed, Firestorm viewers have always been very very crashy for me, and after coming back from a years break from Second Life and trying the latest version I am greeted by the following lovely error

    "ERROR: llrender/llimagegl.cpp(1298) : LLImageGL::createGLTexture: LLImageGL::createGLTexture failed to make texture"

    Do you guys test the release viewer builds before you publish them? that to me looks like a programming error.

    Specs are Core i7 3930k, 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz ram, 2 x 512GB ssd's in Raid 0 + 60GB ssd for cache + 4 x 4TB standard harddrives in raid 1
    GTX 670 - 2GB.

  35. Very stable with this update. I had problems with the other one but it seems to have been corrected with this one. There is something minor. When I hop on a poseball the stand button is pushed to the bottom far left and can't see it as good. It might need to be centered more at the center bottom of the screen. All in all great update so far! :)

  36. @ChaossL

    first thing they wil tell you is clean install. if you installed this firestorm over a version from over a year ago, then yes, it will be crashy.

    That is a graphics error, and though you posted your processor and RAM, you didnt post your graphics card. The GPU is just as important as the CPU for SL.

    They do test them, they have a large number of beta testers (of which i am one) that beta test these thigns to find bug. There are over 100 of us with different operating systems, processors, graphics cards, memory sizes and so on.

    There were no critical blockers for release when it went to main. While someone might not have had your exact configuration, i know some have some pretty powerful machines and graphics cards. it would have been found if it was common.

    Make sure all your drivers are up to date, and yoyr system is up to date.. Clean install SL if you didnt in the first place (which means deleting everything related to firestorm then reinstall it)

  37. The new FS is working fine for me, a long time Phoenix user. Only one very minor complaint - my conversation window doesn't remember the size I set it to from one log-in to the next. Aside from that, I'm a happy camper.

  38. Someone else mentioned the lack of auto-complete (TAB key) of names that was so useful in Phoenix, and also the ability to change the color of the text for those on your friends list as well as their name tags... all minor stuff but when you've become used to using it, you notice it missing.

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  40. I'm a long time Pheonix user. I tried a release of Firestorm before, but didn't like it.

    However, I LOVE this. The graphics are so much better. Took me a bit of time to find where everything was, but it is easily customisable to what I need, and I haven't had to resort to help or tutorials yet, as everything is quite logical.

    You guys and gals have done a great job, thank you.

  41. SLPLUGIN crashes every time i want to watch a movie can anyone advise please?

  42. Using FS on a 2007 iMac here...


    1. Windlight water looks much better.


    1. FPS 2 to 3 times lower than in the official viewer, with similar graphics settings.

    2. Nearby Voice Chat has no 'x' close button.

    3. Distant Windlight fog is almost invisible.

    4. I never get audio warnings on tp or inventory offers.

    5. UI feels even more sluggish (but I'm using the 'Phoenix'-type UI, maybe that's just it.

    The FPS drop is a real show stopper.

  43. Here's a general remark...

    In the old viewers (version 1.x-based), I could do anything, accomplish anything, just by trying out, intuitively.

    In the new viewers (version 2/3.x-based), I have to take classes, read fora, ask questions in support groups. EVEN with all the classic/legacy UI stuff. What does that tell us? That I have a dino brain? Or that the UI is fundamentally wrong?

    (With regard to the dino brain: I had no problem with the Blender 2.4.x to 2.6.x upgrade.)

  44. Some probs i have had,1st it worked good,then stucked and i wasn't able to log on,all the time crash reports.After all,incl.plenty of reinstalling,incl.manually whipping,all goes now good,but i'll not use those crash reports.But yes,good done this viewer.

  45. Arduenn, we've put a lot of work into making the Linden Lab viewer interface easier to use and learn for folks new to Second Life as well as folks who are used to Phoenix. Yes, there's a learning curve. The classes are there to make that as shallow as possible, and the support team does a great job of doing just that.

    I can't speak to why you're having trouble learning it, myself. I will say, though, that you are definitely in a tiny minority when it comes to user interfaces. Blender is the most user-hostile program I've ever met, and I say that as someone who was an IBM mainframe systems programmer for years. (For the uninitiated, I can show you how screwed up the Blender interface is in four words: "right click to select".) Compared to that, Firestorm is simplicity itself to learn.

  46. after i wear and change various items my inventory is fetching again and the bridge is still in creation(it never ends)and i don't see anymore what i add on.i have made the clean uninstall,clear cache,character test.with the precedent version of firestorm i never had problems.i hope someone will help me.

  47. Um I have to admit this current release has done nothing but cause me to crash more then I ever have. Which is weird cus last release I never crashed! but now its like all the random time! xD


    Anyway couldn't pin point the exact way to make it reproduce the problem again. But kudos though I still will never go back to LL's viewer and haven't since yall came up with phoenix! (side note its not my puter, My puter can run 3 different MMO's at top graphics and not lag so just had to mention =p)

  48. Firestorm is a great viewer since it's beginning.
    Unfortunately in this new version the object view doesn't work well. When I and others use it too much, the whole viewer crashes with black and then white screen. We have to use the taskmanager to close it then.
    As a photographer I need this object view very much, so I had to reinstall the last version, in which this feature always worked perfect. Hope in next version it will work again :-)

  49. Windows download will not download after I un-installed previous version as instructed, all I get us "Retry"

  50. after using the new version for almost a week i must say it is definitely very stable. Also graphics card memory seems not to get exhausted any more. Well done. Using linux 64 bit with 32 bit compatibility libs.

  51. Ok, I love the new release of FS. But what I am asking myself is, why is chat showing under the color for "Direct"? (when looking at preferences - colors.

    It is then showing me chat from people that are deffinatly out of chatrange, so officially, I shouldn't be getting this.

    And, it kinda disturbs me, so I would like to know what this actually is.

  52. Have had a chance to kick the tires, I can say the new version appears to default to less memory use and builds in its memory use far slower than the previous version.

    My frame rates are somewhat better the the previous version. On the other hand, even with as many settings minimized or disables as I can, I still only get 1/3 to 1/2 the frame rate I do in Singularity at mid range settings. Thus I use Singularity when involved in aviation and boating which is a good part of the time lately.

    While all the extra bells and whistles in Firestorm are nice. It's pretty obvious they come at a performance cost. A cost I can't always pay these days. I'd be interested in seeing somebody take the LL viewer and seeing what they could strip out of it to boost raw performance and cut the memory footprint as much as possible. I'm not a coder or I'd consider giving it a try.

  53. Phoenix was running fine until lately. Objects and even people now derender without warning. Names don't load half the time when I log in. I have 8GB of RAM on my computer ans a killer graphics card. There's no reason why things should be derendering all of a sudden.

    As for Firestorm, it's still a resource hog with lower FPS, still won't go more than a couple minutes without crashing — when it runs at all (usually it doesn't), and the UI is as unusable as ever. There is no excuse for making users have to endure classes just to learn how to use a viewer that should be easy as cake to figure out. On Phoenix there is no having to take classes, no need to un-anchor menus, no annoying pop-ups that won't go away, and the FPS is much higher, doesn't crash very often (if at all), and it uses fewer resources than Firestorm.

    I'd like to know please when the next Phoenix update is coming, and why all of a sudden these viewer bugs are creeping up when they didn't before. Posting on Jira is useless because the issues go unaddressed.

  54. still has the same bug using the v1 skin. it doesnt show your friends list. You still have to manually open it

  55. @ Michael Kwiatkowski

    You don't have to 'endure classes' to figure things out. They are offered for those who want them. I've always learned something at them I could use. At one point there were classes for the Phoenix Viewer as well so I don't quite see what point you're making there.

    If your viewer was working great, and you haven't updated or changed your viewer, and now you are experiencing problems. Perhaps the issue isn't with the viewer. The grid has been somewhat unstable the last week or two. It's possible you're having network issues, or something else now on your system is affecting things. Have you maybe tried contacting Phoenix/Firestorm support to see if they could help? Being vocal about a problem while making no effort to fix the problem is called whining. Just saying.

  56. @ Michael Kwiatkowski

    As for Firestorm, it's still a resource hog with lower FPS, still won't go more than a couple minutes without crashing — when it runs at all (usually it doesn't), and the UI is as unusable as ever.

    It uses less memory and is the most stable viewer on the third party viewer directory. You need to clean install it, uninstall everything and instal it again.. And vintage mode s close to phoenix...

    There is no excuse for making users have to endure classes just to learn how to use a viewer that should be easy as cake to figure out.
    You must be new, phoenix used to have classes for it, they just stopped them because they are trying to get people onto firestorm.

    On Phoenix there is no having to take classes, no need to un-anchor menus, no annoying pop-ups that won't go away, and the FPS is much higher, doesn't crash very often (if at all), and it uses fewer resources than Firestorm.
    In order: because no such classes are held anymore,because you cant move the buttons at all, the floater can be moved in both viewers, ive had popups that wounldnt go away , more in phoenix. mac DPS you can see is 45, thats the highest SL sims show you likely are looking t statistics, not in world. firestorm is more stable than phoenix as per the third party viewer directory

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  58. Michael Kwiatkowski has been indulging in trite trolling on here under various names for a long time. I find it quite safe to ignore him.

  59. I meant: max FPS you can see is 45, thats the highest SL sims show since that is the server limit. you likely are looking at statistics, not in world. firestorm is more stable than phoenix as per the third party viewer directory

  60. @ Michael Kwiatkowski

    "Posting on Jira is useless because the issues go unaddressed."

    Links to your unaddressed JIRA issues please?

  61. I still get the lowest FPS with Firestorm than any other viewer to the point that it is useless to me as a sailor. The V3 for me is the fastest.
    Firestorm just has too much crap and toys that are useless for the majority of Second Lifers!
    Give us a version with out the extra bells and whistles.
    I don't need fancy lists and colors for different levels of friends etc.
    A once mighty viewer has fallen....

  62. ZIGGY STARSMITH trolls:

    »Firestorm just has too much crap and toys that are useless for the majority of Second Lifers!«

    It’s always fun to watch people try to give their claims some weight by referring to »the majority of Second Lifes« or saying »we« instead of »I«.

»Give us a version with out the extra bells and whistles.«

    Why would the Firestorm devs do that (for you, not us) when you state »The V3 for me is the fastest« anyway? No sense to it. Use V3 and sail away.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Kiss my ass Raymond, the majority of people ARE having issues and the comments throughout these blog posts prove how many folks have issues so why don't you go troll yourself you kiss ass.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. In your dreams, Ziggy, in your dreams…

    As of now, Firestorm has been downloaded about 70,000 times since July 11. This thread has about 70 contributions. That should tell you something in terms of the statistical significance of what is being said here, shouldn’t it? And about 100 beta-testers on three platforms and on a broad variety of configurations have kicked the pre-release versions around plenty to see if they can force them to break. _After_ the devs thought they could hand the stuff over to them. That should tell you something, too.

    I won’t hesitate to admit that each computer configuration is unique, hardware and soft-. But of course I’m also taking into account that in many cases the wetware is causing the most serious issues.

  67. Well, I deleted everything, every viewer all my chat and histories etc. and I couldn't see myself, the background was crazy and now that I reloaded the old viewer all my inventory, LM, etc. backgrounds are vibrant HOT PINK!!! So far really, really sorry I did this.

  68. Really happy with the update. Seems to be just as stable as the previous builds - hard to tell with LL having so many issues at the moment.

    Runs fine on Windows for me, as well as on Linux, both 64 and 32bit. Still wanting to be able to hear media on 64bit Linux, but I am working round it at present.

    Found it really easy to transfer over - no classes needed :)))

    Regarding the anti-virus warning, I haven't got any, but I do remember a time when I was frequently getting warnings about the SL Voice plugin. I am guessing this may be a false positive, but who knows. This is one reason I tend to use Linux :D

    If I had a wish-list right now, it would be for an option on inventory items to "do not remove from outfit, ever, under no circumstances, unless I specifically say so" button to avoid accidentally removing my AO (I did use the Firestorm AO for a while, but I now sometimes log on using my phone and need an AO that is always there,) or my shape, skin, eyes, hairbase...........

    Great work, guys. Yes, I find it slow at times, but that is the problem with having a poor graphics card/variable internet speed/SL servers becoming over-whelmed.

    Thinking back over the 5 years I have been, it is unbelievable how far SL has come technically, and we need PCs and viewers that can keep pace with the change. It IS going to need more resources now, because SL does more.

    Firestorm team - you are going an amazing job keeping pace with it all :)

  69. Lured by the promises of shadowson a mac, I did a clean reinstall of this update, and hey presto! There were shadows!! Deep joy! 2 days later, my screen blacks out when I enable shadows and I crash a lot, I mean A LOT, even with graphics set low. :( Very dissappointed, this release seems more unstable than the last, and I'm back to using slV3 for anything like live shows, where I simply can't afford to be crashing all the time, and of course, to get my shadows.

  70. I've been trying to use this viewer since its release date but unfortunately it keeps giving me very poor performances on my machine (Alienware m17xR1) no matter which settings I use or how often I fully remove/clean install. It mostly seems to be a texture issue even though the correct videocard is shown by viewer so its back to Phoenix for me which, like every other viewer except for Firestorm, runs great. Super viewer other than that :) Only wish I could use it heh

  71. new viewer won't let me log in, gets as far as detecting hardware then stops.

    Google can't connect to the firestorm website either, neither can firefox.

  72. The blog Panel Upgrade Phoenix has helped me to fix my problems. Thanks!