Sunday, 13 February 2011

Phoenix Viewer Release!

Phoenix Viewer Release is out! There have been a lot of bug fixes and improvements on this version... It is definitely the version you want to be on!

Just a few of the many things we've fixed.
- Improved overall performance and stability!
- No more RLVa Assertion Failure errors!
- 42 group auto detection, no more tinkering with settings,  it just works!
- Showcase TP links have been fixed to work properly now for Windows & Mac, Linux in our next release.
- Updated Webkit helping webpages load faster in the web browser, improved memory handling etc. 
- The momentary viewer lockups experienced on 373, 725 and 818 should be a thing of the past.
- Texture jumping issues where textures load, then unload, load, then unload.. resolved!
- Updated Viewer tags are in this release. You'll be able to see all the viewers out there more accurately
- Built in IRC client has been fixed! No more ??? ???  names in IRC rooms.
- Huge improvement to 'De-render', which now permanently de-renders items until they are removed from the Asset Blacklist.
- Skin downloader fixes
- Improved installer, no more downloading additional files during the install process.
- So much more!

This is ONE of the last Phoenix viewer releases we'll be putting out, grab it while you can!

If you have any problems updating, please remember to contact our 24/7 Support Team for help!

Windows SSE:

Windows SSE2:



The Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Upcoming Viewer Releases

Yesterday during our office hour we discussed an upcoming Phoenix Viewer release scheduled for this weekend, reviewed the Firestorm Preview #1 release, and talked about what to expect from the Firestorm Preview #2.
You can watch the office hour here:

However I'll review some of the details here.

Phoenix Viewer Release update scheduled for this coming weekend. Some of the things you can expect to see in this update..
  • - 42 group auto detection from the server
  • - Showcase links now work for Windows & Mac
  • - Momentary viewer lockups have been improved
  • - Texture jumping (where textures load and then unload) has been improved
  • - Updated client tags, in the last few phoenix releases the client tag list has been failing to update, this will contain all the latest viewer tags
  • - Build in IRC functionality has been fixed so that names show up properly again. 
  • - Many other bug fixes and performance improvements

Firestorm Preview #1 was a huge success especially considering it was a pre alpha build. There are many people already using it full time! We're also very proud to say that it has an even lower crash rate than Phoenix 818!

Firestorm Preview #2 Is on track for the end of February and will be classified as an Alpha.
Some of the things we're working on for Preview #2 are...
  • - Radar to some degree
  • - Bridge and llMoveToTarget teleporting
  • - Completed Parcel WL settings/options
  • - Login manager
  • - Spell check (if we get time)
  • - Cmdline prefs page
  • - Preferences re factoring
  • - Right click > wear on inventory folders
  • - Temp Uploads
  • - Broad cast viewer effects options
  • - V1 style communications floater fix ups
  • - Re designed profile panels
  • - Accordions in many of the panels replaced with Tabs v1 style
  • - Buttons in prefs> network; to open chat log, settings, crash log location folders
  • - Proper Clear Cache button
  • - Metaharper skin has a sidebar option like grey skin does
  • - KDU for greatly improved performance, stability and texture rendering.
  • - A variety of bug fixes found in preview 1

We're very much looking forward to getting these viewers out to you and look forward to hearing your feedback.

The Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc.