Saturday, 21 January 2012

We've been quiet again!? o.0

Why so quiet?

We've been very busy preparing a new Firestorm Maintenance release which is actually turning into more of a general release because of the accumulation of more new features! But the main goal of this next release is to address many of the performance and stability issues our last one had. We've fixed a lot of bugs ourselves and have ported many of LL's fixes in too. We are in QA with it right now and it's looking like it'll be a big improvement! We've also recently merged Linden Lab's new FUI (Flexible User Interface) work into Firestorm, but unfortunately it has broken a lot of things...but fear not! We've already started work on fixing what's broken, improving what isn't and integrating FUI into our existing interface to give you the best of both worlds. You can expect our maintenance release to show up in the next few weeks, and our integration of FUI after that. The future looks bright!

Remember we promised we would keep Phoenix going as long as it's feasible and we will stand by that promise. And it's sounding lately like LL is starting to take a less aggressive stance towards V1 than what we were initially told nearly a year ago. By the sounds of it, LL has no immediate plans now to break v1 by turning off server side functionality. This of course is nothing more than the impression we are getting, there has been no official statement either way. Which means we want to get another Phoenix release out some time soon as well. When? good question.. no time frame yet but hopefully within the next few months. We're hoping we can address some of the performance, stability and mesh related issues our Phoenix users are experiencing on the 1600 release.

Office Hours...
We're trying to get the Phoenix Hour kick started back up again and hope we'll have some news about that very shortly. We've missed having the shows and we've missed having you there. It's very important that we can keep an open line of communication between the project and our users. I'll update you as soon as I have some news.

So there's lots going on in the background, stay tuned! It's all coming your way soon!


Jessica Lyon and the team.