Sunday, 23 October 2011

Why so quiet?

We haven't posted any updates on our blog in quite a while aside from the Jira outage earlier today :( So I felt I should just give you all an update on why we have been so quiet.

We've been so quiet because we've been extremely busy getting Firestorm to an 'Official Release' state! That's right! It's coming soon and we're very excited about it, I know I certainly am! Of course, we are still quite concerned about the GL(Graphics) issues that surfaced with mesh from LL. We're watching LL's progress on those very closely, testing and pulling in as many functioning fixes as we can. As of yesterday Firestorm development shifted into release mode. This means we are now focused on fixing the significant remaining bugs, polishing up any unfinished features that have been in progress and we've started an intense QA program. If all goes well, the next release of Firestorm will be the big one! So everyone is now going to want to know when will it be released. Unfortunately it seems every time we announce a date.. something goes wrong to jinx it, so I won't go down that path, but I will say.. VERY SOON!

Firestorm will be going out with some fantastic new features as well as some really significant bug fixes. Features like Mesh upload!, Right click> texture refresh for those stubborn textures that refuse to load, or avatars who remain grey or blurry! Spell check, Chat bar auto hide (v1 behavior), Automatic spam protection, WindLight day/night slider in quick preferences, invite to group from profile and SO MUCH MORE! And bugs?! Wow! we've stomped out loads of bugs! Inventory jumping issues will be mostly a thing of the past, a fix for folders that land outside your main inventory folder, Windlight settings that save between sessions and the list goes on and on!

Of course, I suspect the next big question will be "But what about Phoenix with mesh?". Well, that's right around the corner too! We hope to be able to release it a couple weeks after this next Firestorm Release. This means that within a few weeks, the vast majority of SL users will be on mesh capable viewers! So all you mesh creators can get busy working on your magical mesh creations with the knowledge and confidence that it WILL be adopted!

We've been quiet... But not because we haven't been working! We are all really looking forward to bringing you the best Firestorm Release to date AND Phoenix with Mesh support very soon after!

Stay tuned!

Jessica Lyon
The Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc.

Jira has returned!

We've successfully restored our Jira and brought it back online again. Looks like our host did a server reboot overnight and Jira failed to restart automatically.

All is well! You may return to filing your bug reports and support tickets at

The Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc

JIRA - Bug and support ticket system temporarily offline.

We are currently experiencing an outage of our Jira system used for bug reports and support tickets. We are working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible and will post an update here when it's back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
The Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc.