Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Advertising on our MOTD

As I'm sure most of you have noticed we've been promoting the SL9B community birthday event on our message of the day (MOTD) which displays during the login process. The SL9B is a not for profit community event hosted by residents for residents to celebrate Second Life's 9th birthday. This year there are 20 regions generously donated by residents and businesses in SL for the benefit of the community. Linden Lab has chosen to not participate in the event this year... This event still has a few openings for exhibitors, volunteers and performers. Better be quick!

On May 25th we also advertised for a not for profit, live charity concert event where 100% of the proceeds went to help rebuild Joplin, Missouri, a town devastated by an F5 tornado last year. The concert was a live real world concert by TheFollow streamed into Second Life.

Prior to that we advertised the Burn2 event (originally named Burning Man). It was renamed to signify the withdrawal of LL's sponsorship and participation of this long running and very popular community event. It is also a not for profit event hosted by the SL community for the SL community.

You may be starting to see a pattern in what events we advertise for.
- Not for profit, community events organized, hosted and/or sponsored by the community.
- Or charity events that benefit good causes.

The idea behind what we agree to advertise for and what we don't are simple. If it's going to benefit you financially either directly or indirectly (publicity stunt).. we're not going to advertise it. However if it's purely for residents, hosted by residents with no profits or financial benefits either directly or indirectly to you or those involved, we will consider it. We have always been, and will always be.. about the community.

We cannot however advertise religious events or anything that may offend or exclude other races, creeds, cultures or persons. For example, yesterday we were asked to promote Memorial Day and while I support troops all around the world 100%, it is an American event which other countries do not participate in. That makes it exclusionary and not something that qualifies for us to promote.

If you have a community event that you would like promoted on our MOTD you can send a request to for consideration. We do not charge for advertising nor will we accept any benefits, financial or otherwise. Though you can expect we may attend your event ;). Please provide your in world name, and details to the event. All events we advertise for are required to have a website we can link too.

Note: we do not promote anything on the login page itself. Just the Message of the day.

Jessica Lyon


  1. Granted, Memorial Day is not a world-wide event... but then again Joplin, MO is not very well know world-wide either.

    Interesting that LL has chosen not to participate in its own birthday, or any other event as near as I can tell.

    And thanks for something new at the web site/blog. At least we know someone is still breathing there.

  2. I will agree that Memorial Day is not a world wide event, however, as I recall the request was not for Memorial day but was requested as a result of Memorial day. Which again is not a world wide event. However, again the request was made to honor all military personal, not just the United States Military.

    I am also aware that the artwork that was submitted was also wrongfully Identified as being art for a very unpopular culture. As I had seen the art work that was submitted, and what I seen was a picture that honored military and not the unpopular culture it was Identified as being of.

    But maybe it would have been better received for something such as 9/11 or the American Cancer Society for Relay for Life, which even though RFL is an American charity it receives assistance from others in other parts of the world.

    Now granted Memorial Day maybe an American Holiday it is one that is intended to be a day to remember others not just those of one country, the fact that other countries do not celebrate it is beside the point. it is a holiday that is not exclusive of other countries, just one that is only celebrated in one country such as boxing day, or decorating day.

  3. That's all nice and stuff, but how about some news/updates on the actual viewers?

  4. When will Phoenix be implementing the Region ID/Region Info into their viewer ?

  5. Since there hasn't been an office hour in a very long time, maybe a state of the viewer post would be nice, that being the main reason most of us check the web page.

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  7. No viewer information since 19th March. 17 more days and that will be three months ago...

    Please let us know what is happening, and what to expect with the next firestorm release.


  8. "Prior to that we advertised the Burn2 event (originally named Burning Man). It was renamed to signify the withdrawal of LL's sponsorship and participation of this long running and very popular community event."

    Actually the SL event was called Burning Life, and yes it was renamed back in July of 2010 when LL pulled it support for the event. The Real World event indeed called Burning Man, still takes place every year and is doing well.

  9. Thanks for your consideration of other countries that aren't the U.S.. It always bugs me that SL usually advertises about American holidays when a good portion of users are outside.

  10. Linden Labs dropping support for Burn2, and now SL9B. What is next? Hmm, leaves me scratching my head as they seem to not care about the residents of the world they created. Oh wait, they haven't in a very long time.

    Kudos to the Phoenix/Firestorm team in picking up the slack. It is great to see that there are still decent people in a world filled with greed.

  11. I really hope to see some viewer news soon. It's been a while since we have had a new version of Phoenix or Firestorm. Let us know what is going on lately please:)

  12. So... as far as Firestorm itself, What's going on?


  13. A bit off topic, but I was wondering why the destination guide feed is so stale. Is that a Firestorm problem or has LL stopped supporting it

  14. Ty Love Cws Modeling all our Models use this Viewer and we all Like to thank you for a Great Viewer!!

  15. I'm wondering how the development on the upcoming viewer is going.. It's strange not to have had an update in a few months.. everything okay?

    1. Aliz, you mean a third viewer?
      What is this one about please.
      I'm very happy with Phoenix and just can't get into new viewers like the Lindens and Firestorm.

  16. Getting back to the original point of this thread, I think it is admirable that the Phoenix/Firestorm Team allow this facility for advertising social events.

    I'm sure fundraiser events for other RL community events in other countries would be allowed if there was a parallel SL event (yes?) and can understand why a military-themed cause might be deemed unsuitable, even if it's described for "all military."

    It's a hornets nest and I'm not "going there" :-)

  17. First off, I'm gay, that being said, I think you need to be careful here. I was overjoyed to see the recent login ad for New London's Pride Celebrations, but as I just read in this post, it does exclude anyone who doesn't identify with the GLBT community. Of course all are welcome at these events. I'm not upset that you listed a GLBT event, I'm worried about the precedent it sets. Other groups might use this as an excuse to put pressure on you and your team to advertise. I'm asking that you please be careful. :)

  18. your new release sucks
    i have installed it twice with 'clean' installs and it refuses to work. please give a link to the old version. it worked quite well

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  20. I am an excellent programmer, which makes LSL scripting and RLV quite easy for me. I enjoy messing around with RLV, however there is one noticeable command missing from it: The ability to restrict someone's ability to offer a TP to another. I'm not sure that you folks are the correct place to ask for this, but I'm not sure where the correct place is. I can be reached at Happy SLing.

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