Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Nov 30th Office Hour & Contest info

The Office Hour!

Yesterday's office hour was a lot of fun! We talked all about some of the great new features coming out in Friday's release, explained how to use them, what to expect with the new Multi attachment system and inventory links. Introduced our new youtube channel for Phoenix Viewer Tutorials here.. and much much more! If you missed the office hour you can watch the recording here... .


During the office hour I was holding up some signs to help our viewers understand certain things. While doing so, the great folks at decided to make a fun contest called "Photoshop Jessica Lyon". They are giving away $5000L for First Prize! $2500L for Second Prize and $1000L for Third Prize. Everyone is welcome to join the contest! For more information on the contest visit...

The Phoenix Viewer Team


  1. Cool, but... There is no way to get hold of that viewer you´re using on the video, so therefore... Let´s say it´s honestly a bit redundant right now, I mean you should make the release public before you start showing off features which we can´t even get hold of right now as users. Not to mention bug fixes, specially them.

    I have found the latest closed betas in the Google Code page, but of course, they are password protected... At least with Emerald we had access to the betas directly from the blog page... So please, give us a copy already!!!

  2. Only one comment, and it is one that I have made before (several times) I cannot get sound on embedded video (depite my own best efforts and a geeky friend's attention too).
    Since I don't intend to totally reformat my PC, PLEASE can we have text transcripts of these office hours?

  3. A summary of the office Hour can be found on the forum:

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