Thursday, 13 January 2011

42 group limit is officially live on the grid!

Linden Lab has now officially announced that they have indeed enabled 42 group max on the server. In their blog post they also discuss some other exciting changes current and in the near future.
Read the blog here:

In expectation of this 40 group limit, Phoenix Viewers 725 and 818 already have support for them, however you have to enable it in the debug menu first. Here is how...
1. If you do not already have the advanced menu open, click on the Phoenix Menu, next to help at the top and click "Show Advanced"
2. Click the advanced menu, look down to the 4th from bottom and click Debug Settings...
3. Type in phoenix40GroupsSupport
4. Set the drop down below that too TRUE.
5. Relog.

Now early on Linden Lab had announced they would increase group limits to 40 originally, so we set it to 40, however Oskar Linden convinced them to increase it to 42 groups <3. While phoenix will say you have a 40 group limit, you can actually join 42. The next version of Phoenix will have this addressed.

Many have asked what will happen if Linden Lab reduces this number down the road.

I've been assured that the result of such a decision would not cause you to lose any groups you belong too. However to join a new group, you will need to leave groups to 1 below the changed limit. For example, if you join 42 groups and Linden Lab reduces the max to 40 later, you will need to leave 3 groups, to open a slot to join a new group.

Enjoy the additional groups!

Jessica Lyon
Phoenix Viewer Project Inc.


  1. This doesn't seem to work with my phoenix viewer, I was avoiding upgrade to the next level as I was told in looked like sl viewer 2 which I can't stand, is this true or is there other options.

  2. I LOVE it!!!! Finally I don't have to sacrifice groups to join others. WAY TO GO

  3. Phoenix does NOT look like SPEWER 2.

    It's great to have the groups increased..finally

  4. I have a question about the chat channels in the chat box. I can no longer preset the channel. Is there an adjustment I need to make, or was this function deleted?

    Love the 42 gorups BTW.

  5. "40 group limit, Phoenix Viewers 725 and 818 "

    Phoenix Viewer 373 not ?
    Mac OSX 10.4

  6. well, it's 40 groups, not 42. but you know what: ABSOLUTELY FAB :-)

  7. I'm very happy with the extra groups, just something I noticed, you cannot join a group with an invitation. Then you get the message that you are in too many groups. Not sure if this is a phoenix issue or SL.

  8. I cant seem get mic in local chat but i have use yahoo 2 talk i download Time Viewer 6.0 im wodering wat have i miss just new 2 this

  9. Finally. It was time, after years of deling with 25 groups!
    I know this is offtopic, but I'm curious about the Firestorm project. How's it going? Hopefully it'll be less screwy than V2 itself.

  10. Oooooo finally ... 42 is the answer.

  11. @Socrates.. you beat me to the reply ;).. 42 is indeed THE answer.. Hope you know where you have your towel:-)

  12. I really never capped my groups in the first place. It's just not that important to me. What is important to me is the double attachments that you had in v168. And I use 168, but it looks like I'm being forced into changing that by the end of January. I normally RP in SL and now I'm going to have to change my attires completely around to make it work (despite not liking it.) So no I'm not happy with PV. Thumbs down this time.

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  14. @Robby:
    As much as it in some instances will involve a bit work to reposition your items which are currently paired with the old 'second attachments', there is a replacement feature, which is also viewable by most other viewers around the grid:
    Just use the new 'add' option (rather than 'wear') to add as many attachments - ok, 30-something is a system-max for an avi - at any point(s).

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I think the new Phoenix viewer is just great, much better than the others !

    Now, i'm gonna tell you the two main things that are annoying in SL :

    1) viewer crashes
    2) avatars that appear as a white cloud !

    Please please, ask the developpers to improve these two points, as it makes people leave SL, really ;)

  16. It's great with the possible additional 17 groups, and long awaited too by some of us. I've joined a few more and is now on "natural" level 33.
    That said, people should know that before the 25 groups, some of us had to deal with a 10 group limit!

  17. @ Samuro,

    You can actually fix seeing the white clouds yourself. Go in advanced..debug settings..type in renderunloadedavatar (all one word)..and set to true. As far as the crashes...shrugs! I seem to have issues with freezing up and "Not Reaponding," but seldom have an actual crash! I hope this helps!

  18. I tried to add 42, but all i get is 40:(

  19. I am using .908 and I have 33 groups from .818 but I can't join any more. It tells me I have too many groups. The debug setting isn't in .908 either. Any advice? Thank you.