Monday, 3 January 2011

This and That... Some updates...

False Anti virus alerts
We have had some reports that McAfee Anti virus has started reporting a trojan virus in our installer. We have double, triple and quadruple checked and can say without a doubt that this is a false positive. It is being detected as a threat because the installer has a downloader built into it which downloads the required Vivox SL voice files along with fmod.dll for sound. Since we do not have a license to distribute Vivox or Fmod, we must have the installer download these files from their source at Linden Lab. It is because of this download built into the installer which is triggering McAfee to call foul falsely. We have contacted McAfee and when they send their next update, this issue should be resolved. Our installer and release binaries ARE safe, however until this issue is resolved you may have to disable your anti virus program while you install the viewer.

Phoenix 101 Classes
In our ongoing efforts to help and improve the user experience, we are starting educational "Phoenix 101" classes for our users on the Phoenix Viewer. The first set of classes will be covering our extensive preference options and explain what they all do. The classes will run from 1-1.5 hours long and done in voice.
The initial classes will be on the following dates.
Tuesday Jan 4 2011 @ 1 PM SLT
Thursday Jan 6 2011 @ 8AM SLT
Saturday Jan 8 2011 @ 6PM SLT.

Classes will be held at: 
Hosted by our very own Ed Merryman, Support Lead.

Once we get through the first set of classes we will be able to better modify our format, curriculum and demand needs. We will then announce regular on going classes of different subjects here on this blog. 

Common Support issues
Below is a list of the most commonly reported issues people are having currently. Where available I will also post links to these issues on our wiki.

Bake fail: Avatar textures/clothing textures failing to display properly or as a ghost/cloud.

Display Names ???
This has been widely reported by users as having ??? for names. This is a server side load issue which LL is working hard on fixing. It should have gotten much better in the last few days, and will continue to get better as they progress.

Poor performance issues on 818 SSE2:
Uninstall 818SSE2, download and install into a new folder, 818 SSE. In some cases a clean install may be needed. Please see:

Teleport Failures/crashes:

Bridge issues:
As a note, if you cannot get bridge to work, contact support.

Many other solutions to problems can be found here:

Note: We cannot provide support for people in the comments section of this blog. If you are having problems and cannot find the solutions on our wiki, please contact support. Support can fix just about anything!


  1. I think it'd be a good idea to add to this blog some stuff about the media_webkit failure. Some people (like myself) are still experiencing this on Linux. There has been mixed commentary about whether or not the Phoenix team can handle it. So I think an 'official' response on it would be nice. Just saying.

  2. Thank you for the explanation re McAfee and the problems there... I did indeed have to disable McAfee to install as it kept reporting a Trojan virus and would not install 818, and I couldn't understand why since it had never happened before. But I am happy I got around the problem as this latest viewer seems pretty good, less lag, only 1 crash so far (and I have been on A LOT the last couple of days lol) and no problems with my stream so far either, had some stream issues with the previous version. So yey!

  3. I have had problems with McAfee and other programs..I actually use a different anti virus. Security essentials is pretty good

  4. I'm a bit annoyed with the Display Names being shown in areas of the viewer that shouldn't be, like online/offline status pop-ups and mouse over avatar. If it wasn't for the profile window, there are several friends who I failed to recognize multiple times. I also can't keep track of who is who in my contacts with Display Names in there. I want Display Names but I wish to choose when and where they are displayed. Also when I get a room full of "???" talking in local chat, no one in there right mind can make sense of that.

  5. @Jsonic

    Try going to Preferences in the General tab and choosing to display Display Names along with usernames. This selection is to the right of choosing when/how long name tags are displayed.

    The "???" thing is server-side and LL is working to fix that issue. The above work-around will help with this also (or more likely should).

  6. The classes are a great idea, but silly me, boo hoo, I miscalculated the time difference. As it's in voice I suppose there's no transcript. Any chance of repeating the Preferences class for those who weren't able to get to one of the three classes, or idiots like me.

    You're doing an awesome job and I love the way you keep everyone informed

  7. Is the phoenix viewer ever going to give the option to wear multiple layers at one time? I know you can wear multiple prim items in one spot but not clothing and tattoo layers. OR perhaps im missing something and we actually do have that option???

  8. Like the last guy said, are we ever getting layering options?

  9. Since upgrading Phoenix to 818 on log in I get an error message telling me that media_plugin_webkit has failed and that I should reinstall it.
    Problem is I cannot find anywhere where such a software download can be had.
    Why has 818 caused this?

  10. can't sign on to SL without a last name. I wasn't asked for one when I signed up for SL. How do I by-pass that or where do I enter a last name in SL?


  11. super anti spyware is also showing a trojan in 818. trojan.agent./gen-nullo[micro]

    be we've all moved on to 908, right :)