Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Survey Results

The results from the survey are in and links to the raw data are provided below. The results are anonymous, unedited, unchanged and come directly from www.surveymonkey.com who hosted the poll.  It is important to remember that the survey results do not necessarily form our decision to add or remove these features. As was mentioned in the previous blog these results are there to help us with our decision process, and they are doing just that.

One of the most important reasons we did this survey was to raise awareness of the pro's and cons of each feature listed. You may have noticed that each of the 5 items were worded very carefully so as to demonstrate to you that giving you this ability, takes away from you or someone else an ability. Giving you a freedom, takes away from you or someone else a freedom. While these items are in fact already in the Phoenix viewer, they are legacy features that were created before our team took over from emerald. Back in the day there was much debate over many of these which went mostly ignored by the Emerald team. We are bringing these items back up so we can do a proper public discussion, better explain the positives and negatives of each and perhaps close the door on some of them. This survey gave each of you a public venue in which to express your feelings about each item. This isn’t meant to create drama, but rather create a positive and productive open discussion.

Today we discussed the results of the survey, and had a discussion about the features in question at our Office Hour. For those of you who missed it, we highly encourage you to watch the Office Hour recording here. (We had some sound problems, please index in to 6 minutes and 45 seconds). We are still in discussion internally as well, taking the poll results into account we will soon make solid decisions on each of these items. However we're pretty sure how we are going to go on some of them. This is also discussed in the office hour.

We're providing the poll results in several formats. Here they are.
Web page (recommended)
PDF (doesn't include custom comment results)
Spreadsheet download (a bit hard to read).


  1. Wow, gross. The majority of people actually want these privacy-invading features? Is this for real?

  2. @vyktr: These "privacy invading features" are little more than client side code which makes use of server side information which - for the most part - is already available through LSL scripting calls.

    In short? No "privacy invasion" is occurring here.

    If you believe otherwise you are free to take it up with Linden Lab and suggest that they remove the scripting calls as well as having the servers cease transmitting the data.

    Which - by the by - will break some content and cripple all current clients which use the data for various, very basic functions.

  3. Sorry going down the V.2 Path is going the wrong way, I will stick with Phoenix Thank You

  4. I like Firestorm, I like he features on it and it has some nice things.
    I just don't use it because i have extreme lag and freezings after i dual logged, it's insane.. i don't even have that on V2, and i have a really good graphics card and computer.
    so i'll just stick with my other viewers until the next update (and hopefully it will be fixed then)

  5. I find that Firestorm makes my graphics card run 10 to 15 degrees C hotter then Phoenix. For that reason alone, I'll stick with Phoenix.

  6. I think you can see from the results that most just don't care about those features. Please concentrate on solving people's rezzing problems and giving them a V2 based viewer that's very friendly to those who want to keep V1 type interfaces. I hear a lot of people are not tired of Second Life, but tired of fighting the viewer to enjoy it.

  7. The feature I'd like to see added to Firestorm is the Phoenix feature that allows you to see Profile pictures full size by clicking a button next to the picture. I didn't realize how much I miss this feature until it wasn't there.

  8. Urgh, sit a pit of ignorance, "phoenix lets me do this" "why are you letting people fly on no fly land".

    It's not phoenix, its LL. You can fly on no fly land with the DEFAULT VIEWER if you turn on developer mode... Want this to stop? get LL to 'fix' the server, it's not the viewers fault.

    I hope the dev team really stick with the way phoenix works as a power tool, removing "see dissolved friendships" "fly in no fly zones" etc from firestorm wont stop these things happening, it'll just stop people who do these things from using firestorm.

    Look forward to some kinda 'mission statement' decision from the dev team as this will guide my future viewer usage.

    (Also, if you suddenly decide privacy is the future are you going to retro patch phoenix or end up with two viewers, one of which complies with paranoid requests to disable functionality that can be achived through other means, and one that doesn't? interesting policy that makes :P)

  9. ... additional... It's quite clear most people have no clue the separation between a viewer's responsibility and the server's responsibility, Phoenix isn't LL, Phoenix isn't SL or the Simulator. You can't disable functionality for everyone by changing one client.

    Why democracy is flawed. Most people have no clue what they're voting for/about.

  10. Only 2,500 people responded? Versus how many Phoenix users? I'd take the results with a grain of salt.

  11. The only thing I want to see is the old Phoenix layout back, and the craptastic grey V2 layout gone. It's messy and annoying to use.

  12. I would love to stay with Phoenix, but if push comes to shove and I have to bite the bullet and go with Firestorm. All I ask is that the size of notices be increased.
    I mean I got 72 ims and 5 notices and I didnt notice any of them because they were silently blinking at right hand corner of the screen.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Firestorm: fail
    1: jumping every time you try to chat if you dont click the screen
    2:nothing I do will get my avitar to render. In short, it doesnt work well enough to even render my avitar properly, how will it do anything more?
    3:You succeeded in putting the controls for everything in the most unlikely places. Why is it so impossible to make a 2.0 compliant viewer that just looks like 1.0?
    4:It crashs.. A LOT!
    5: If your wanting people to continue to be happy with the viewer, try a live chat feature with volunteers, having some vague leave a message and hope somebody bothers to answer you is more Linden Labs support than what Phoenix has been

  15. It is very interesting developments and give a good effort to display the configuration of the v1 but not to change the display configured not otherwise normal settings I adjust ....... thanks .... please someone humble comment love sl but not v2.

  16. I've had a look at firestorm, and it's overall look is fine, the only thing that is missing is the right click translate, which is very helpful as i have a lot of european friends and using this feature helps alot in IM's, not having is just made it harder as to having to cut and paste the text in either local chat or external web browser, please oh please bring it back......