Saturday, 25 August 2012

Phoenix Firestorm Support Region

Our primary goal has always been to "Improve the user experience." We do this on several fronts, including providing and developing viewers with features and functionality based on user requests; running a major support effort designed to help users with all kinds of different problems; providing classes that teach viewer functions, features and general trouble shooting; working closely with Linden Lab to try and ensure your issues and concerns are heard, etc.

As of today we are adding one more major initiative towards that effort, which is to provide a support region for both our own users and to all residents of Second Life where they can go to find help with viewer issues and just about everything else. This is not to be used as a hangout -- it's purely for those who need help.

This is a cooperative effort between us and the best of the best among Second Life mentor and helper groups, which will populate it with courteous, generous and highly knowledgeable volunteers in order to provide support and information to new and old users alike. We are extremely excited to say that members of the White Tiger Mentors, Resident Help Network, Mental Mentors and others have joined us in this shared effort and will be available in the region for you should you need help.

We are also thankful to the many bloggers who have written about this effort, which helps us explain what it's all about and expand on information about it. It also helps spread the word about the region because the more people who know about it, the more people it helps. We encourage you to have a read through their blog posts linked below.

To find the region, simply open your Map and search "Phoenix Firestorm Support" or click the SLurl:

Bloggers' links, in no particular order:

Jessica Lyon speech at opening party

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