Monday, 1 November 2010

The Phoenix Hour

We will be hosting a special Office Hour Tuesday November 2nd at 2pm SLT. The main discussion will be all about LAG, Dispelling the myths and misconceptions. The different kinds of lag, how each effect you and the simulator differently.. and how to reduce lag for yourself and others. I feel this topic is long over due.

We will of course open up to questions for the second half of the hour and your questions can be about anything your interested in. You can participate live in world here if you get in early enough, . Or you can jump on the live stream at OR watch it from your sl tv's using this url. . And if you can't make it for whatever reason, don't worry! it will be recorded and posted at the website within a day or two at


  1. Thats great.
    I m looking forward for the recorded version (well, i dont trust the live...if i lag i will be in trouble).

    Please tell everyone who will be in charge that clear sound is EVERYTHING. Some of them sounded like they were in the middle of the highway (Road)...

    This viewer is the best.
    Your work is more tidied up and open to us...

  2. A good message and a good topic. Oh I do wich u wud run a speeling/grammer chequer! :)) (Clues: effect or affect?? your or you're??) Mayson the pedant!