Friday, 29 October 2010

Your Voice, Your Choice

Your voice matters, so lets hear it!
As most of you know, The Phoenix Viewer team has begun working on a second viewer called Firestorm. This will be our customized version of the V2 LL viewer. We always listen to our users and we want to know what features from Phoenix you most want in Firestorm, and what you hate most about the LL Viewer 2. We want you to send us an email at and tell us what you think.

Please format your email in this order…

Email to
Subject: Firestorm poll

1st paragraph… Provide a list of your 10 most used/cannot live without features that are currently in Phoenix Viewer, that you would want in our Firestorm viewer.

2nd Paragraph… Provide your 10 most hated aspects of the LL Viewer 2 you would want changed or simply cannot live with. There are some things that are obvious and need not listing, like the side bar.

Optional 3rd paragraph… Add your own thoughts, issues and whatever else you like here.

We will be putting the results from everyone together and use that to help formulate an action plan and roadmap.

Thank you all for your time and efforts in helping us bring you a better user experience!
Jessica Lyon


  1. Phoenix is the best layout available with the best functionality of any viewer I have used, and I've used them all. Adding new "features" is good, like was done with alpha and tattoo layers, but moving to the web browser layout of viewer 2 is something that might push me to quit SL altogether. I just HATE it.

  2. GREAT IDEA ... APPLAUSE ... !!! i translated your Post immedeately to German & Spanish and sent out a Notecard to my Groups... i hope you will get lot of responses. Thank you very much for giving us Users a chance to let you know what we like and what not. Finally PHOENIX is already on of the best Viewers is used. Congratz!

  3. ok I love the ability to use shadows and take an actual snapshot in v2 plus I think their quality of shadows is just better (No offense) but I hate hate hate the sidebar. I like the way phoenix looks and it has better ease of use for me. If you could mesh the 2 and make a fab viewer you will have the love of the virtual masses for ever!

  4. Well, what can I say? I rather have the Linden 1.x look and feel than 2.x! there is a lot of good things in the 2.x like alpha and such. One thing I wish Firestorm would develop, is a better way to manage my inventory! Better search tools and a way to preview textures and photos, without having open them. And a way to track down duplicate items would help too! I've been on since '07 and I have a lot of junk in with the gold!

  5. Thanks to care for our opinion.
    All the Phoenix Viewer needs is the web-on-prim and mesh import.
    Maybe a GUI refresh...

  6. the last!!! the very last is the need for the shared media, even not on a prim.

    Please make sure,every new release set share media to off!

    and dont allow a second run of the viewer on the same computer.

    its time LL stop that too.

    LL should ask 30 us$ for evry avatar used same time a month.

    there is no need to use more than one avatar same time without paying for.

  7. i forgot one of my favorite features of Phoenix
    the chat commands

    rezplat= instant platform to sit on
    GTH= jumps up/down made easy
    it make getting to folks lots easier

  8. I only beg that the 1.23-based viewer remain an option...there's NOTHING whatsoever that I like about the 2.0 GUI.

  9. I hope the team actually take these comments into account, as well. Primarily - we lose ANY of the current attributes, and I may as well go with another viewer. Add whatever you like, lol. Take anything away and I'll stick with the current versions until forced to do otherwise.

  10. I like the copy/paste buttons in the build box. That is just awesome for content creation. Plus the standalone Emerald-esque radar. I *do* like how Impudence puts the radar and mini-map together, that's the *only* feature I miss from Imp. If you can keep the general 1.xx look and feel, that's a plus. Familiar is good. Do that, plus make the rendering/shadows as good as Viewer 2 without the fluffy shiny bits, your Firestorm will rock.

  11. Well I think there really needs to be 2 versions on any viewer. One just for builders and one for general sl usage.The viewer 2 look can stay on a LL viewer. The old 1.23 look is the most convient to me.

  12. Many thanks just for asking our opinions and for all the work you have already put in and evidently are planning to put in on this viewer. You all are amazing.

  13. Thank you for asking for our opinions, and I hope you put these comments into consideration as well.
    I just would like to see a Firestorm Viewer with the same GUI as the current Phoenix Viewer, the same Look&Feel.

  14. Please don't switch totally to a Viewer 2-style UI! The current Phoenix viewer layout is vastly superior.

  15. Not a big user, as i tend to stick with LL 1.23 as long as it is available (with sidetrips to ascent and imp) and thats the point. Keep up the good work (i like the multiconvo thingy) and add whatever you like. In general stick with the clean 1.23 look and feel and you have a winner. I think thats the general opinion. Anything that stinks like the 2.poo viewer GUI and i will refuse to touch it.

  16. Thank *God* for Phoenix... the LL Viewer had become a joke of unusable change, and I almost despaired of enjoying my SL experience.
    You keep it simple, don't pull a complete interface changes just to look different, and include the most wonderful features that are not available to the LL Viewer user. You guys ROCK!

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  18. I was the user of Emerald and Phoenix has been a good replacement of Emerald with all the favorite features still exists. However, the Phoenix Avatar list is too wide, it cover nearly half of my top screen and it is very irritating...
    Please make the Avatar list fully re-sizeable , so that it can be reduce to further minimum limits.. please.

  19. The ability to make a prim have the face of a webpage on it will greatly enhance everything I do in SL. Namely I won't have to spend a ton of money just to have an art gallery on Second Life! I simply don't want the interface layout. Combine these two things and I'm all set.

  20. i actually rather like the look of V2 - *ducks* - i like the color scheme and - sans the dreaded sidebar - the way buttons, etc. seem more compact, less bubble-shaped. i qualify that with *seems*...

    last i checked - it's been a while - V2 menus are non-intuitive - and i don't care for all the folders it creates and sticks you with

    must have my attachment points. so i guess for non-builder me some of the look of V2 and the functionality of PV would be a big thumbs up

  21. Dear Jessica

    I can’t do without, the info on log in screen my list:
    All the tabs in preference's (phoenix tab)
    Radar PLZ
    The build and edit tools
    The easy 1 or 2 clicks to find information its much easier to help new people learn
    Voice is a must (I push Skype,absolutely the best and if shit happens in SL you still have a line of communication. Curial to running a biz in SL)
    The interface for adjusting graphics

    I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about Phoenix .
    SL viewer
    no radar
    Everything is a challenge to find EVERYTHING!
    I have nothing good to say about the SL viewer. Nothing!!!

    I can’t fathom why everything in Second Life’s interface has to be user un-friendly and that includes the help interface , the my account interface, the buy /sell lindens ,The how to get to interface. Don’t get me wrong You can usually find what you want But it never obvious for instance Try to get from SL answers to my account, Try to sell your lindens and transfer to pay-pal/ bank account. Everything is a Quest to find. It seems like The developers try there best to make things hard to find its just not the way to get people to stay in Second Life. Are all the Developers blind, is Phillip in the O-zone he seem like a very smart CEO come on Phillip play your own game with Phoenix, Then tell me which is more user- friendly that’s a keyword USER-FRIENDLY.
    Jessica thanks for doing this survey, maybe it will be a wakeup call For Second Life!
    Back Blackburn SL small Merchant first.

  22. One feature that I like in V2 is outfits. Its great having links to the items you want to wear in an outfit rather than cluttering your inventory with multiple copies or dealing with no-copy items. I hope Firestorm will support this

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  24. yeah. V2 GUI can bring eye cancer defo ;D but its feature are nice

  25. the big problem is the GUI was designed by an outsourced company at great expense without actually using it in world.

    by the time actual residents got a hold of it Lindens had "camped" on it being this wonderful UI so they decided by fiat to not change it until large sections of the grid just about terminated their accounts over it

  26. I don't like the layout of V2 at all. I don't like how they moved all the buttons, etc. Like why o why did they put the music button on the top right, what was the matter with it on the bottom right? Stupid stuff like that. I don't like what they did to the camera & pan controls. I don't like the one skin for it. I don't like a lot about it actually.

    I'd like to see the interface the same as we're use to. If you change that you'll see a huge uproar. I don't like or want dockable buttons, nothing new about that, it's old technology really and it's day of excitement long over. I don't want a side panel that takes up my viewer space, even a little bit. If you go to the V2 *look* and *function* for FS, I will likely stay with PX until something else comes along. I far prefer program based over web based any day ... I still use an email program over webbased emails. I want to be able to d/l the emails to my harddrive and save them. Likewise with PX I want to be able to keep what I know and love.

    If you can keep the interface look as is without moving stuff everywhere where I then have to relearn the program I'd be happy to keep and use it. If I have to relearn the program I'll not be a happy camper!

  27. My thought are summarized in one line:

    V2+ with the V1 skin.

  28. I cannot live without the vertical IM tabs, and the double click short tp. Other than that I loathe V2 and I love Phoenix. Please keep all the preferences tabs, it's great being able to fine tune my universe if I choose.

  29. PLEASE get Voice morphing on board!!!! There are those of us who use it a lot and have to resort to the horrible SL2 Viewer to use. Please, please!!
    Artemisia Naxos

  30. If Firestorm could incorporate all the Phoenix gadgets from 1.x, then I may contemplate looking into trying it :)

  31. Hi ;} .

    There s not much to say.
    New V2.3 Beta of the LL viewer has great new features. Try adding em before the release of firestorm.

  32. Please only add the stacking of tatoo layers to Firestorm. AND PLEAE! No LL lay-out, because that side bar ruins my view.
    Keep up the good work,

    Bliss Mellison

  33. Please please don't change the viewer to look like SL's V2. That UI was created by a bunch of people who never took Computers 101. Keep the Phoenix layout, and if you must allow those stupid sidebars as an option Which in normally turned off Fonts would be good though, and some better handling of HTTP textures. As a designer the functional aspects of Phoenix atm are really most of what I need. Perhaps incorporate like Impudence did, the align prim code.

  34. The biggest not sidebar problem with the 2.* UI is everything is about 4X the size it needs to be so if you scale all of the images assets down to a quarter size that would help greatly

  35. Most used/cannot live without features;
    -Radar aka avatarlist
    -copy/paste dimensions in the build window
    -general interface look
    -login screen info

    Most hated aspects of LL viewer;
    -no freedom with where and how I want to use the windows
    -blocking of view

    My own suggestions;

    1.Extra radar options.
    It would be awesoms of you can mark people in your radar/avatarlist with several different colours, this way you can easily see people you like, dislike, griefers that you may have to keep an eye on, etc.
    If you give a avatar on your list a colour their dot on the minimap would get the same colour.
    And another dream option would be if the radar/avatarlist would remember your choices even if you log off.
    So people will keep the same colour you give them for ever.
    For my sim this is very important, we have a dresscode and it is great to see on the radar and the minimap who has followed the rules, who has not, people who are always following the rules, people who are or have been trouble, etc.

    2.I LOVE the copy/paste dimensions in the build window, it would be great if this was also an option in the textures section of the build window so its easy to make sure every texture has the same dimension, offsets, etc.

  36. Fearing the worse....that Phoenix's Firestorm v2 ends up being based on SL v2 has anyone recommendations on an alternative viewer to use?

    Hopefully Phoenix have seen sense not to get rid of the best viewer going and replace with something like SL v2, I'd hate not to loose Phoenix but can't imagine anything based on Linden's SL V2 being any good so wil start looking for alternatives just in case....

  37. the 2.* codebase is shaping up nicely most of the complaints are focussed on that drunken crack monkey inspired UI that does have a very solid back end.

    If The P-team makes a skin without having a bong party beforehand and using a screen the size of the NY Times Square video wall then we should be fine

  38. I hate viewer 2 so much, that if it was the only way to use SL, I'd stop using SL. It's a complete disaster in terms of interface design. Nothing is easy to do in viewer 2, your eye has to wonder all over the screen to gather up information with what is going on that it is a very tiring interface to look at. LL got it right with a single consolidated communication window, which I put in the lower left corner, and must have thought that communication nerve center wasn't sex enough and broke it. What I would like is to continue to use the old interface in some way. Much of my suggestions revolve around allowing a user to create a hybrid of dockable windows that mimic the 1.23 interface.

    Communication is VERY difficult. I often have several IMs, local chat, group chat all happening at the same time. The fact that each of these things are all split up into a separate window means I have to fill my window with IM boxes, or I have to minimize and open them all ... all the time. I really think the docked IM window concept with tabs that highlight is far easier to manage and understand. Please make it possible to dock all IM, group and local chat windows together like v1.23. And, please return the view of text in chat to "[HH:MM] First Last: text" ... I don't need to see somebody's portrait shot. The name is all I need. The date is a waste of space. If you cannot figure out what day it is, then you shouldn't be playing Second Life.

    Why the F sake did SL put everything on the right. I read left-to-right, not right-to-left. Putting stuff on the right means I have to look all over the F'ing place to gather up information write text on the left, then look to the right to see if there is something new happening, then look left again. It's a very tiring interface, sometimes gives me a headache with the amount of eye movements I'm required to make.

    Please allow the font to be changed or sized differently. The viewer font is too large and it is difficult to read. It appears to be 30-40% larger than the 1.23 font. As well, they have added a lot of blank space between the lines, wasting TONS of valuable screen space. On the search screen, instead of having a window with a scroll bar and pages, plot as many items as needed to fill the page, then put the items on the next page. This way I can scan quickly the search results without having to scroll the window with the bar, then click the page number.

    Please return clothing and objects I am "wearing" list to the folder hierarchy. I have more than 250 outfits, but with the flat look, I have scan through the entire and list and remember too much about what the heck the names of the pieces are because it is sorted in some impossibly weird and hard to understand order. Not every clothes maker names their clothing with the same name to prefix their stuff, so I have to read every single item to know whether it is something I need to take off or not.

    Please make the width of the sizing area larger than one pixel. it is so hard to even size the windows.

    I laugh at the "browser" interface as the wave of the future, when companies like Microsoft are pushing concepts like silverlight so that they can have fancy forms inside the browser without relying on the overly complex URL entry mechanism we already have, in other words, it there was a time in which browser based interfaces was in, but now it is no longer vogue.

  39. After reading all these comments, I am glad to see Phoenix coming out with a 2.x version as well. Mainly, because with LL beta testing mesh, none of the 1.x versions will be able to render them. So, hopefully, Phoenix here is planning on incorporating mesh rendering. Else, all you will see is a large spike type thing where the mesh is, and that's it. You won't be able to see all the things that people have created with mesh. Of course, this is only after mesh is out of beta and on the main grid. I had asked this question elsewhere, it's how I know the answer. If tpv's don't create a new 2.x based viewer, then no one on the 1.x based will be able to enjoy sl and the new mesh builds. So, seeing as I love the phoenix viewer, I am glad to see them starting to work on a 2.x based viewer option as well.

    Things I can't live without:
    Avatar List
    Multi-attachment points
    Copy/Paste dimensions

    Things I hate on the 2.x base:
    Well, tbh, I never used it all that much to have an opinion here. I used it, saw the sidebar and how unuser friendly it was, logged off, and wiped it from my machine instantly.

    Thanks Phoenix team for all you have done, and asking our opinions. Something LL doesn't seem to care about at all. ^^

  40. I second what Ari said - features are great, but this post's focus on them is missing the forest for the trees. What makes Phoenix great is those features as part of the overall interface.

    It's like asking "When we convert all our books to PDFs what do you want us to keep? The words? The layout?". We want you to keep the BOOKness.

  41. I like: Features under preferences/phoenix
    handling of #rlv items
    AV adjustments xyz esp z
    build in ao
    chat window layout and features
    camera settings
    network settings

    Viewer 2.0 never used it
    Features desired
    Still more attachment points, multiple attachments to single point.
    RLV more comprehensive
    no option to log in at home
    inventory does not open when receiving a nc
    #rlv folder sets up for multiple attachments to single point.

    Better cam adjustments to default position. Cam height and angle.
    Fetch inventory faster

  42. I currently like all the functions of the Phoenix Viewer, I find it a really good viewer, and hopefully for the next 5-10 years it will still be the best viewer, and the developers of this viewer can actually be trusted unlike Emerald. The only reason I hate Emerald was because of JCool, and Skills Hak's CDS system, and the only reason I came down on them all so bad is because I had issues with Skills, and his CDS privacy violating system.

    The only changes I can think of that should come to the new viewer are.

    1. What about giving us the new features viewer2 has such as customizeable features and possibly a customizeable UI?.

    2. Give us security against exploits that ZFire XUE, and Skills Hak are violating our privacy, so that Media, or any type of scanning without the Media, or play button being pressed will not be able to get any information from a users computer at all including SL Name, Directory, etc. This will make a lot more people feel happy, maybe the Let Scripts Control my play button is to block this, but additonal protection, and verification that it is fully working would be nice. (Some of us don't like to be logged, and our alts disclosed without our consent, anything that could block this from happening through media and such would be really nice.

    3. And of course making the viewer work a lot better in general such as Viewer Improvements and such.

  43. I think that Phoenix Viewer is a good viewer but since a week ago I am experiencing constants failures using this viewer, for example, frequent falls, some textures not loaded well and remain blurred, viewer crashes,....

    Many times I asked for help in Phoenix Viewer Spanish Support group in Second Life but moderators refuse help and always they activate the auto respond for not answer.

    For these reasons, I have been forced to leave use Phoenix and use a very similar viewer called Ascent Viewer that includes many options that are in Phoenix Viewer, for exmaple, radar, internal search, color change the avatar name and more, and time using this viewer I haven´t problems, everything is working properly.


  44. Thank you Jessica, this may close the gap between Emerald/Phoenix users and Viewer 2 users.
    I am willing to go back to you if I see it happen. if you do it, DEFINITELY Firestorm would be my viewer of choice.

  45. Hi ;}.

    I read most of the comments... Some of you just dont get it? Viewer 2 wont be rebiult by 0! Most of the v2 features wont be changed (at least in the early versions of firestorm).
    For the ones who didnt (or dont remember) know about "the phoenix hour", just check the next link out. The video is about everything you should know about the last few phoenix updates and the new firestorm :

    After watching this, dont start again the silly demands...

  46. I'm good for anything...just never, ever change to the Linden Labs V2 web browser style interface...I think it's unanimous that it sucks and everyone hates it...stick with the 1.xx style UI. XD

    One thing I would suggest though is that in Emerald Viewer, there was a button that I loved next to the audio button in the bottom corner which consisted of;

    - View Distance
    - Windlight selection
    - Network settings

    Plus other which I can't remember now but it was very handy...if that was integrated into the next version of Phoenix...that would be awesome.

  47. I say that Phoenix is the most optional tool to use Second Life, so that all options are up to now let it be. But I would add the new features in the panel construction, which are in the Viewer v2. I mean the media settings on the plane of the object. Do not forget about a new feature to load meshes. Would do in a conspicuous place to insert the slider to set the camera angle, for example, the inventory (a useful feature when it is built up small objects). I once mentioned the possibility of connecting to goggle kalendar Viewer to inform the option of upcoming events, meetings, etc. It would be in the inventory that was an option of advanced search duplicate objects.

    If I had to choose the options to be from Phoenix, that's for sure:
    - Temporary texture (still could use a temporary option, and soon the temporary animation meshes)
    - Teleport after double-clicking
    - Swaying breasts ^ ^
    - Additional facilities in the building panel, and the ability to copy settings object
    - Sorting and display options in inventory
    - Radar and search facilities for sim
    - In general, everything: P

    What I do not want to see the Viewer2 from LL?
    - The whole visual design - it is cumbersome


  48. A good viewer design? Join entropia metaverse and take a look how a perfect viewer has to be.
    Per example no sight blocking subwindows, no groupchats who run endless when you miss to close them. Entropia uses simply a perfect viewer! Thats engeneering as its best! Put this overaged linden viewer desing to the trash.

  49. The most important and preset fixes for the next viewer:
    >Camera offset by default set at Z=0.200, or did you like to see sl always like thru the angle of a security cam? (Its a debug setting)
    >Fog distance preset to 10, fog is by default disabled (prevents crashes into buildings at flying with a plane p.e.)
    >Clouds also disabled by default, they steal rendertime and are useless.
    >Admin options set by default.
    >Cache and and logfile location have a different preset location then always to C:\i dont like that\programs etc.
    >The ugly sidebar replaced with 2 round and free moveable 80% transparent miniwindows, from where the p.e. inventory, profiles list, and the recent files list pop up out from. On the second one, you can put things like the build- friendslist- landtab etc. Autoclosing of them included (when the mouse not stays over (or their subwindows not in use for longer then a preset time.
    >Check out the entropia viewer for additional informations how it has to look and function.

  50. To Jayden and all those who have been offended thru zf redzone or gemini cds, file a complaint here; or and report spyware authors that violate the law
    As more file a complaint, as sooner this crap is removed!

  51. to the people who wrote things you like about phoenix and things you don't like about viewer 2, that should be in the email you send to , NOT here as a Comment.
    but if you did both i think its great.

    and to the people who like the v2 color scheme, take a look at the Gemini skin, you might like it as much as i do.

    the V2 UI is the greatest problem.
    and to be able to overhaul the whole thing would require a big development team and time, but i don't think its impossible.

    i'm a student developer myself and i love to see a good 3rdparty client grow so big over linden labs own clients,i would love to help, but the fact that i still have a lot to learn and my lack in experience wont be any use to you.

  52. I think the majority of users hate the layout of viewer 2. I would almost bet that the majority of YOUR users, use phoenix for the same reason I is like the old viewer 1.23 with the newer advantages in it. Linden Labs has a habit of shooting itself in the foot, with extreme regularity....please do not emulate them

  53. The main problem with this viewers is the drop of the bandwith; at islands i have in general 300 to 100 kbps, with a intermittend drop to 1 kbps, p.e. by a sim loaded with 30 avatars and 5000 objects and 550 scripts.
    Could be a major improvement when this drops can be avoided with the gen of viewers. Mainland sim p.e. doesnt show in general such a big drop in the bandwith; They run more average between 500 down to 100kbps.
    The most of the users who run a usual dsl line with 5000- or 7500kb down and 5- to 700kb upstream can not avoit this drops.

    There you go! DEVELOPMENT is the secret message.

    I suggest strongly to the dev's of all viewers, to continue their work AT ONLY ONE PROJECT INSTEAD OF "HOPPING" FROM ONE DEV TO THE NEXT. So you never finish your work with this method.

  54. so.. i'm traveling and on a borrowed laptop. For some reason, V2 gave me a better fps than phoenix (15-16 fps, vs 3-6) so i've had to use V2. Its been 2 weeks. and i can't say it enough--i hate it. i hate the interface, how the chat is handled(I'm a paragraph rp'r), i miss my built-in ao. Not sure if its just me being hard headed, but there is no getting used to this thing. I love my Phoenix viwer and can't wait to get home to it.

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  56. While we're posting a wishlist, a viewer with detachable windows. You know, pull the inventory, communications, radar out of the viewer and into its own child windows. That would be awesome on an epic scale, especially for us with dual monitors.

  57. Not sure how technically feasible it would be, but I think it would be simply awesome to have fully detachable windows for inventory, chat and notecards etc., similar to that in GIMP. It would be great for those of us with dual monitors, leaving one screen uncluttered while the other bits can float around.

  58. @archenemy_metalhead

    This function along with a few others is already in Phoenix in the same exact location as it was in Emerald Viewer i do believe you just havent looked closely enough :)

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  60. In addition i would suggest to add working import export abilities like the inertia/incognito viewer run it.
    Some of us are simply dashed or bored since LL wiped out the most interesting places & stuff in 2008.
    It would be a great advantage to reuse the stuff we bought or maded, somewhere or simply in our own sim @home. Remember some accounts are worth a few thousand bucks. Do you want to loose all your moneys you put in since you joined the game?!

    LL would state that their content need to rest at their servers. The counter argument against this thesis is that they never liked to made their codes open source, as long they didnt really want that anything of the content goes out from their servers. And some lawyers tell that anything you bought a digital copy from you have the right on it for a free usage everywhere you want. Just a full download. Per example a automatic set preowner could prevent some to spread their freshly sought content over the rest of the grids. That need some creative ideas to fix this issue, but im shure it can be done.

  61. i have downloaded - uninstalled - reloaded Phoenix 3 times now, and cannot login at all. the login simply poofs halfway through the login. what do i need to do to fix this please?

  62. @madeleines

    okay to begin helping you we need to know a slew of info
    try this
    1 go to and download and run Advisor print out a copy of the report

    2 go into preferences and move your cache folder to a folder inside your My Documents folder (network tab move the cache entries to say My Documents\Phoenix\cache and My Documents\Phoenix\Cache

    3 do a full shutdown and restart

    4 if all that does not work ask in group chat for further instructions and btw do a full virus scan and defrag while you wait

  63. There was a time when we could click on Radar on the Bottom Tool Bar and be able to get to a person's profile. This was extremely helpful. Please include this feature. This was very convenient.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  64. I too, love the viewer 1-style interface and hate the Viewer 2 interface. I'm looking forward to having mesh, media on a prim, and display names without having to use SLV2.

    The big features I'm missing in Phoenix -- and, thus, don't use it -- are all hypergrid-related:

    Ability to easily log into any OpenSim grid
    Hypergrid landmarks
    Hypergrid-enabled "home" button
    Fix to the 4,096 bug (no teleports farther than 4,096 regions)

    -- Maria

  65. There are things I will not lose the phoenix as:

    1.-Double-click teleport
    2.-disable teleport screens
    3.-the broadcast.....all (include avatar name)-(show lookAT)
    4.-THE RADAR
    5.-announce incoming IM
    6.-show stream information in chat
    7.-show a message when someone takes a snapshot
    8.-display client tags
    9.-the organization folders-worn
    10.-maximizing the profile photos
    ....and just one more :) temporary image.

    i could not write or 10 things that I like the viewer 2 LL, because everything is horrible, so I use phoenix, the display 2 is limited, the menu or inventory is so complicated, the menu bar so poor. just do not like me.

    Thanks for taking our opinion and to please everyone as far as possible.
    LadyHarker Keng

  66. @annika
    I have no idea what you are smoking. I have two paid accounts and there are plenty of times I need to use both (for example, conflicting events that I have to be at). Not to mention the usual variety of alts for testing various things or just not being me for a change.

  67. I would love 64bit linux support and well ... good linux support in general :)

  68. (1) An option to not show the Icon in chat and IM.
    (2) Proper tabbed Chat (as in the current Phoenix).
    (3) Allow multiple Profiles to be open.
    (4) Allow multiple inventories to be open.
    (5) Don't close Profile or Inventory when giving an inventory item (I've only heard that this happens, but it strikes me as a horrable pain in the dare-I-say-it.)
    (6) an option for a running attachment count (exclusive of HUD) on the info display.

  69. OK I would prefer not to have to deal with that name thing; I have no need to create a display name nor do I want to have to deal with figuring out who is who or reading a huge long display. So I hope you Do Not ever put that in Phoenix.

    And I also have no desire to mess around changing my voice so that is another stupid change I don't feel we need.

    I would like to see Phoenix become the most stable and straight forward viewer available!

    The one we are testing now 546 is awesome! Just fix up a few issues that I see in the jira and that's it!

  70. Most important
    Item (0) Everything that is in Phoenix Published Beta at this time (

    I'd like to take this time to thank the Development group for their hard work, and the Support people for their wonderful and patient work, having fielded a couple of people I understand.

  71. I hate everything about V2. Phoenix is great the way it is, hopefully Firestorm will be the same.

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  75. The recent inventory never expand its contents when selected. (For what does it expand itself when a closed row is better overseeable?!!)

    Sorting of the recent inventory has to be stable after the following logins, as its user preselected it. That means if the sorting is selected by one or more of this criteria; name, system folders on top, system folder by name, date. In any order.
    AND THE SELECTION IS HOLD after the following logins!

    Add a import/export feature with unrestriction of moving-perms (perms maintained, but content moveable out from LL servers), some of us want to reuse their big invest they spent in SL thru the years!!
    SL is somewhat boring! And its dead. And re-using is not illegal copying! And its never illegal proliferation
    !US laws apply not everywhere!
    I had leaved sl in 2008 if i had a possibility to save ALL OF MY STUFF i bought since i joined it.

    Clouds, fog, selection beam and camera restrictions ARE OFF BY DEFAULT. The admin options and the fogdistance by 10 meter ARE ON BY DEFAULT.

    Camera angle z=0.200 as DEFAULT. Dou you dont want to see the game like the view thru a security cam?!


    Right mouse button can select menues in build mode.


  76. I just want to say one thing about Phoenix, although I want to use it, I'm unable to as for some strange reason the overall viewer seems blurry, the text doesnt seem to be very sharp.