Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Friend Permissions Bug

There have been more than enough reports from SL users to justify a blog post informing everyone of this new server bug and how to work around it. It was discovered by one of our support people on an RC region and reported to LL on the 9th of July, it was acknowledged by LL on July 12th but by then it was too late to stop the roll out onto the main grid.

The Bug
You can no longer change permissions for your friends while on a viewer which doesn't utilize Web Profiles and whether you are, or are not on a viewer that uses web profiles the friend you are changing permissions for needs to relog after you have set the permissions through their web profile. I am assured by LL that they intend to resolve this issue as soon as possible but at this time they cannot provide a date when the fix will be rolled out. You can read the Jira report about the bug here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7104

The Work Around
In the meantime, there is a work around. First, you must open the "Web" profile of the person you wish to change permissions for. This includes Map rights, Modify my objects permissions and Online status permissions.
1. Open the web profile of the person you wish to change permissions for using the following URL in your web browser. http://my.secondlife.com/firstname.lastname. Replace the first name and last name with the persons first and last name. If they do not have a visible last name do http://my.secondlife.com/firstname instead.
2. Once you have their profile open, click on the "ACTIONS" button near the top and to the right, then choose "Permissions" from the sub menu.
3. Give or remove the permissions you wish to change and click "Save".
4. Now the person you've changed the permission for will need to relog in order for them to actually get the permission change.


If you just want to remove all permissions for a friend to default, you can just remove them from your friend list and re add them.

I hope this helps folks at least understand the bug and how to work around it. Lets hope LL can get the fix out soon!

Jessica Lyon
The Phoenix Viewer Project


  1. Um, yeah i tried downloading that Firestorm viewer thing and it dosent allow me to download it the download link comes up to be an error it says that the webpage dosent exist or mabye it was moved to a diffrent domain so just to let you know you should probably get the firestorm download link fixed

  2. yeah the bug rerout is an epic fail me thinks ll is playuing withthemsleves again

  3. Thanks, Jessica.

    Oskar Linden posted about this in the Second Life Server forum last week, but there's been scant publicity from LL other than that about solutions to this serious bug. The discussion following Oskar's post is worth reading -- there are some nuances as to whether the ACTIONS button actually appears or not, which are well explained by Cerise Sorbet in her various posts there.
    The thread starts at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Known-issue-with-granting-revoking-permissions/td-p/975953

  4. This system they have for fast, rapid, server development went badly off the rails in mid-June. Mesh-2 looked hopeful, but their testing didn't find a major bug, affecting Homesteads, and they've been doing the hokey-cokey with server versions ever since.

  5. I never heard of a web profile before this bug came up. What the hell is it good for? Where would I have learned about this "feature"? Do I have to spend time reading forums everday too, when 99.99% of the topics have no interest for me?

  6. I must be blind... I don't see an 'action' button.

  7. While this will hopefully help some folks, it will not work for everyone -- like me. I see no ACTION button on the drop down. I had an "add friend" button for the person in question who had been a friend for years. We refriended each other. I refreshed the page, I logged out and in again, I closed the browser and opened in hopes of seeing something new. Nope. I still need to "add friend". So not sure what is going on. I guess I will be "not in world" until they fix this.

    Appreciate the try though.

  8. Update as I figured something out and can't "edit" my previous comment.

    The not being able to see the "Permission" choice in actions has something to do with the OTHER person. I tried myself and saw it (OK?) and then tried some other folks and it appeared. Will reread again to see if I can figure out what needs to be done on HER end.

    All very messy :D

  9. Ok. Sorry for all the post. But we finally got it worked out and this is for others that may have the same ISSUE within the ISSUE.

    I TPed her to my sim as she couldn't TP me. She defriended me and then offered friendship (instead of me doing her) and that worked. Whether we need to be in the same sim (server) or not, we don't know. But worth a try for others who have been struggling with this for a week or more.

    Happy to have it fixed for ME. Cheers.

  10. Nice way of LL to get people use their stupid Web-Profiles...

  11. Hi :)

    I have found a possible solution to the user permissions

    The solution is download and install the official Second Life viewer or the Firestorm Viewer, open web profile of the avatar from the web browser of the viewer and clic in Actions button, then clicking the Permissions option and select the option Edit, delete or take my items


  12. I gotttt soooooooooo mad about this, lol but thanks for telling me how to change the perms ^_^

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  14. I downloaded Firestorm a week ago or so, took a while to get used to but after Viewer1-ifying it I'm quite fond of it. Certainly from a photography aspect, the use of LL V2 camera tools (the only thing about the LL viewer that I liked) is really useful. I haven't really had any big bugs that bug me yet (bad pun, I know)!

  15. Hi
    great work guys on Firestorm !!!
    I love it
    But I miss some important while easy to implement features:
    2 very important features to add to Firestorm to make it perfect for V2 users migrating to it :
    - enable showing other person profile photo thumbnail in the IM window (like v2) - this is so much nicer than just the brown name + you already did it in the adhoc conference
    - object details window!! the V2 has this very nice object details view when you right click on an attachement or object - can you have it ?
    thanks . Is there somewhere else I can post the feature request in ?

  16. I don't have a web profile nor do I want one, so this bug is very inconvenient.

  17. The bugfix is going through the RC process, and is on the RC Blue Steel regions. So the workaround becomes, "Go to a Blue Steel region".

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