Monday, 5 December 2011

Help us help you! Firestorm Classes survey..

As many of you know, we have been hosting regular classes for our users on the Firestorm viewer for many months. This is a support intiative designed to help you with your transition to the viewer, teach you about our unique features and aid you in trouble shooting common issues. We believe these classes help us greatly in our mandate to improve your user experience, but now we want to know how we can improve them to further benefit you.
Please take a moment to fill out the following survey. We will leave the survey available for a week to give everyone a chance to fill it out and we'll publish the results of this survey once it is closed.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to help us help you better.
If you didn't know about our classes, we highly encourage you to attend a few, they are free and open to everyone. Class Schedule
The Phoenix Viewer Project Team.


  1. I would find it usefull to have those classes as Youtube video too. I'm not native english speaking, its not easy to follow all. It can be usefull sometimes to rewind and hear again^^. And there will not somemuch trouble with having time at a specific hour. Thousend thanks for the great work with the new Firestorms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm not sure I could go to the classes. Firestorm is a great viewer! My only issue is that there is slowdown when moving my avatar in most spots and maneuvering around inventory and other menus react slowly. I don't have the issue as much with Phoenix. I'll probably be using both viewers till I can't with Phoenix.

  3. guy I'm sorry to make this question here but how do i desactivate the pop-up from the im's on the latest viewer?

  4. [13:40] ZoZo Raven: [13:38] ZoZo Raven: (FS 3.2.2) hello, can i disable these conversation popups in the top right? I'm getting lockups when IM's arent in focus

    other users are asking as well

  5. @Chilli: great suggestion!

    But speaking of videos: When will the next Phoenix Hour be published? Afaik, the last one was in October, and much has happened with the viewer since then!

  6. Why don't you just release a video class series in youtube (voice + subtitles) or other online video storage? This way people will be able to watch the class when they have time or download it for offline watching. You can make a Contents notecard with video links ( to a specific time frame) for each function and distribute it. This way if I'm interested in specific function I can start watching at this specific point of the video. Best regards

  7. Ops Chilli suggested similar thing, sorry :)
    In addition to the online video classes you can make office hours with agenda like the Mesh office hours, where people with very specific questions can contact the developers of the viewer and discuss them. Best regards

  8. I would like to attend the classes, but as per the schedule, the ones for this months are about to finish. I would appreciate if you notify me just in case there are going to be other chances to take them. Thank you so much in advance. Silvia

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  10. A Firestorm Classes in german would nice

    we are all interested! And courses are actually dedicated to very few people! Because of the way they are given.
    Don't forget that we are from all around the world and schedule at 3 or 4 AM can't simply work out.
    Courses has to become available after they are given, and somewhere.
    1) for those who can't come at that time.
    2) for those who don't speak fluently english enough and have to rewind often to understand
    3) For helping as to pass quicker to that new version we don't like like phoenix.
    4) for being just practical to everybody.
    1) You Tube (of course)
    2) Phoenix viewer
    3) Firestorm viewer
    4) As it will become "referencial" by the time, translations will be in the futur very appreciated.
    Urgently, all courses must be recorded on a simple and global support, that is accessible anytime from anywhere

  12. well i find firestorm has very poor graphics, changed to the other one still the same installed V2 just as bad ,pheonix always has had good graphics,being set on high ,dont know if i will continue in SL i put so much time and effort into my avi, to end up looking like a clay avi !!its not like my computer is slow, has a nvida card,i can see so many residents leaving if this is what we will have to put up with,

  13. i downloaded firestorm and it does not open at all, i tryed many times. phoenix was open before normally and very good, but now it is not opening also. what can be the broblem here? maybe something wrong in my laptop? because before, all the time all was working wonderfully . i did delete one time firestorm and phoenix also, because was thinking they quit work and they not exist anymore. and started to search new viewer. and i found dolphin in google search. so i wanted to download it, but it did not come at all. my laptop have more the half place free, it is not full, i did check it :)
    if any one could say what can be problem here, i would be happy :)
    Thank you! :)

  14. I don't know whats going on, but since the new release of Firestorm, I am having problems logging in. I keep getting a Error Message: llimage/llimage.cpp(244) llimageBase::GetDatta:Bad Memory allocation for the image buffer. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? It shuts down Firestorm immediately.