Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Firestorm pink screen hot fix 24882

Our release of had a bug which caused the viewers screen to be pink for a small number of our users. The issue was present mostly for users with ATI 3000-5000 series video cards on windows operating systems.

We have implemented a hotfix for the pink screen issue and updated our windows download on the site to version 24882. If you were experiencing the pink screen problem we invite you to download and install this new version from the download links. This will resolve the pinkness issue.

If you do not suffer from having an entirely pink screen, then you do not need to do anything.

Finally, as anyone who knows me will know that I have a very distinct affinity to pink things. Pink ears, pink tipped hair, pink tipped tail... etc. I can honestly say in this specific case...

I didn't do it!... Honest! 


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager


  1. Thank You!!!!!! Works great and no blinding pink :)

  2. Will download this just to see if the cpu issue is resolved. Never experienced pink screen, but having ati 5670, so, who knows.

  3. Thank you Jessica.I was getting tired of this pink on prims which was annoying to the eye xD

    And to think that Linden has not yet found a solution to this problem in the official version makes me doubt the professionalism of these people....

    My favorite viewer has always been Phoenix Viewer and now is Firestorm Viewer, due to the professionalism of the developers, but I miss a section I've seen in the Exodus Viewer that is the online chat support.

    I think that a good idea would be to add the online chat support option in the viewer, so users can resolve your queries more quickly.

    Friendly Greetings

  4. I just had the pink screen when closing the viewer. On a gtx560ti using the latest release of nvidias driver from 21. february, win7 x64.

  5. Susan Komen is having a hard time finding sponsors now, apparently. :)

  6. Thank you for all the work that you do!

  7. I have had problems when clicking on the friends icon on bottom (taskbar) and that makes me crash.This my config:Settings mode: V3
    Viewer Skin: firestormsidetabs (grey)
    Font Used: Deja Vu (96)
    Draw distance : 128
    Bandwidth : 1000
    LOD factor : 2
    Built with MSVC version 1600
    Packets Lost: 23/61,931 (0.0%)

  8. When Firestorm became an SL Viewer
    People who used the Official LL product became fewer;
    FS users waited for upgrades and support became crazed
    As all the options left users in a drunken daze;
    But Jessica persevered and drove her developers to newly create
    Determined to change the hands of fate;
    Little did we know that this drove poor Jessica to drink
    And suddenly we were faced with a screen all pink;
    "It is not my fault" the vixen cried
    And we the users, looked upon her in pity and sighed;
    "Jessica, Oh Jessica darling," we whispered in her ear
    Your love of pink will leave us all naked and sheer;
    Surely this is something which will add to the visuals
    And the Firestorm crew can pocket all the photo residuals;
    And life went on and pink became the order of the day
    As Jessica the Lyon truly had her way.

  9. No more pink, but I don't get and shaders as in no shiny water or shadows whatsoever. Also on my first login every texture was scrolling...

  10. Dear HappyPanda,

    I've had a similar issue, and the FS team have been very patiently working with me to resolve it for a couple of months now (it appears to be a hardware issue on my end as opposed to a software 'bug').

    I have an ATI Mobile Radeon 3650. What are you using? It maybe be a similar issue.

    Also, what happens if you toggle "basic shaders"?

  11. I used to keep my Phoenix color pink :P
    But yay for fixing a bug :)

  12. Hello,I have a problem.When i turn on shadows,i have my screen white with black particles everywhere.I have AMD Radeon HD 6370M.On previous versions of firestorm all worked great.

  13. Its about time LL cracked down on
    3rd party viewers. I had my privacy violated many times. There are a few more privacy items I wish they would crack down on, but this is a start. I love Phoenix and nothing I have read so far will change my opinion, only makes its better.

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  15. are there any statistics on popularity of the different viewers?

    Firestorm rules!

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  17. Thanks for the update. My VB is NVIDIA-GeForce 450S and I'm seeing the pink screen too - but only at the moment when I'm closing Firestorm. I'll install the update just now!!! 8D

    1. That's the same video card as I have, and the same symptoms. Are you on the latest 295.73 video driver? It doesn't happen every time, but I don't recall it happening before that upgrade.

      Hardly a big deal, happening when it does, but which JIRA to use, Linden Lab or here?

  18. having rapid flicking on the screen here on Phoenix? when i click on icons it makes it worse other than that i have no issues. any help on this its just on the viewers. any idea what it causing this> how to fix please?

  19. Why is it that all the subsequent releases still didn't fix the pink problem. I just downloaded the most recent release and it still is all pink. What the heck?

  20. Yep, pink screen with the latest FS and Nvidia (GTX260) here too, in this case with Ubuntu 10.10 x64 (ancient, I know). Only cure is to disable shaders - ugh!

    Also get it for a second on log-out on Win7 64-bit. Other v3.x, v1.x viewers unaffected.

  21. I dont know why fix something that was working? Phoenix a good viewer now we got this pink screen? What the Heck!!!