Friday, 22 October 2010

Donations Requested!

It's that time again! While the Phoenix Viewer Developers continue to develop the Phoenix viewer for our users with no financial gain to ourselves, we do have to cover our server costs. It's this time that we turn to our generous users and ask for your help. Below is a Chipin widget which will let you donate to our paypal account OR as requested, we have created an in world avatar you can pay with Lindens. The account name is "PhoenixViewerDonations Memo". We thank you all so very much for your continued support of the Phoenix Viewer and it's development.
You can see our financial statements here.
GOAL REACHED! Chipin Widget removed. 
Thank you all for your very kind and generous donations!

Also! For those of you who were unable to be part of our Phoenix Office Hour Tuesday, the recording is up online now to watch.

Jessica Lyon
Phoenix Viewer


  1. Hey! I just saw this message and you've already reached your goal??? All you generous people, leave some donating for the rest of us! :P

    But seriously, glad you reached your goal so quickly. Just another sign of how much the Phoenix viewer and those who are a part of its creation are appreciated!

  2. Why would people possibly donate money if you're not completely open and honest with them?

    You claim that you will be blocking two early releases of the Phoenix viewer, yet only LL has the power to keep them from connecting to the SL servers. I'd appreciate it if you told us why LL decided to block those releases. I'm sure they had a reason.

  3. To Strayed Wayfarer: If you look back a couple blog entries you will see that the Phoenix team asked LL to block the two early versions because of bugs that could be seen as possibly sending info back to servers. Even though this information wasn't used, it was being sent and to be safe and not present any ideas that Phoenix was not safe the team decided to ask them to be blocked.

    I think this is a very good move and shows that the team is working hard to eliminate any possible concern. I applaud them for the honesty and the open way they handled the situation.

    So to summarize: The Phoenix team asked LL to block the early releases and LL complied.

  4. Dear Jessica and the sparkling burning staff

    In true appreciation and with gratitude i hereby donate.

    Your work is not just a living burning bird rising from the ashes and coal after an unexpected blow of brutality and force but a golden flying Fandor of ancient origin with power and strenght.

  5. I finally went with Phoenix because I trust Jessica because some people I very much trust in SL backed her. I'm not home now. I'll donate when I get home. :-)

  6. Hi Jessica. I am sure I know the answer to this but I'll ask anyway.... Can we still donate via the 'PhoenixViewerDonations Memo' account? Thanks to you and the team for all your hard work and effort.