Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Website, and an Intro

Why hello there!! It is I, Alexis, the Magical Website Fairy! I have come from a land far far away, to bring you a shiny new website, filled with colourful words and things to click on!

Just kidding.

But seriously, my name is Alexis Stapovic and I've recently joined the Phoenix Developer team as their resident website ninja. I'm sorry it took me so long to get you a shiny new site, I was all sick and stuff. I'm sporadically on in-world or you can contact me via email if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the site.

Just thought I'd write a little bit about me, for those of you who are wondering who this new addition is. I've been in Second Life for over four years now, and I've dabbled in everything from building full sims to fashion blogging, from scripting to skin and eye creation. I prefer to spend my time in SL building, but I'm always happy to go out and spend far too much money on things I dont need, or to lend a helping hand to a newbie.

<3 Alexis

p.s. Keep your eye out for some new awesome features on the horizon for Phoenix.


  1. Great to see things moving apace. BTW..I love the "Visit this place" feature in the old Emerald, any plans to implement this again in Phoenix?

  2. Hi Alexis, welcome to Phoenix. Just a suggestion: I'm almost always running Phoenix windowed and I don't like to see mi avi name on the bar on top, partly because of security reasons, and also because... I know who I am :-)

    Could you implement a way to take the name out of the windows bar?

    Ty, and welcome again.

  3. Hi Alexis! Glad to see you on the team. And regarding the website...


    *does the happy dance*


    My suggestion is that you should offer a Phoenix plushy so that I can snuggle it every night when I go to sleep. ^_^

  4. Oh thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone!!<3

    And I agree Scasi! i LOVED the "Visit This Place" feature that Emerald had. Unfortunately I'm only a web dev; viewer code is unreadable to me. I really do hope that they decide to implement that though. It was fantastic.

  5. I love it - but unlike Emerald you can't wear objects by double-clicking
    it just opens properties.

    I liked that feature a hell of a lot

  6. sure you can Archie! go to edit (at the top of your screen on the viewer), preferances, phoenix, page 2, inventory, then click the box that says "wear objects in inventory via double click"

  7. Can't wait to see what the new features are in the upcoming update. How about a hint?

  8. I just need to say this again, Alexis, since I went for so long without a way to express my gratitude towards everyone on the Phoenix team.


    That's for you for developing this awesome site...



    That's for the entire Phoenix team for being awesome!


  9. LMFAO i cant believe this idiot jessica lyon is part of a viewer.
    Not only is she the biggest prick in sandbox weapons testing, she is also a huge greifer who gets her kicks out of annoying noobs..
    silly bitch needs to get off the internet and start getting her roots done on her hair lmao !!!!

  10. I also noticed she removed a lot of comments from this blog, so obviously am not the only one who thinks she is a fool

  11. Alexis, every time I come back to the website, it just looks better and better. I love the new navbar! Keep up the good work! :D

    Hugs all around,


  12. I love Phoenix viewer and have been a faithful and loyal user of it since Emerald went down. I've not had any problems with the viewer until this last update, 908. Now every time I log on these jeans prims are on my avi (even though I haven't worn those jeans since the day before I updated), and I have to detach them as soon as I log in. It doesn't do that when I use other viewers just to test it I'm not sure if that's a bug or what. Other than that, love the viewer! <3