Sunday, 17 October 2010

Our First BIG blog announcements.

Starting with the most obvious..

We have a new website!

Please look around, if you find any issues feel free to report them on our jira. Special thank you to Alexis Stapovic of for dedicating so much of her time to building this site for us!

The Phoenix Viewer Project Inc. (TPVP)

Yes, you saw Inc. The Phoenix Viewer Project is now Incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization! Being incorporated means that the project exists separately from the people that make it up. It will help ensure that Phoenix will outlast any of the developer's participation in it. The project can own things itself. It is tax-exempt, meaning that it will not pay taxes on its own income. Finally, it will have a formal governance structure, so that the ways that people can make decisions and act in the name of the project as a whole are defined and easily understood by new members and the community at large.

Phoenix Viewer on Twitter!

We have an official Twitter account now! If you're a twitter user please feel free to follow us to stay up to date with announcements! Our account is PhoenixViewerSL

New Forum!

One of the things people keep asking us for is a forum. Officially the answer is no and the reason is that we simply don't have time to moderate a forum. However! One of our support folks, Selene Gregoire has taken it upon herself to create a forum and manage it on her own for our users. So this forum is the Official Unofficial forum for Phoenix Viewer! FORUM Although some developers may be members in the forum, we won't be watching it all the time. If you need to reach a developer you can do so in world, through email (available on the website), or in IRC here IRC Link.

BIG Release in the works!

We have a big release in the works right now with some great new features many have been asking for! You can find out more at our next Office Hour Meeting... Speaking of that....

The Phoenix Hour!

Tuesday Oct, 19th at 2pm SLT, we will have our second (bi-weekly) Televised office hour hosted by Please try to make it if you can, we have a lot to announce and discuss! The purpose of our office hour is to keep you up to date with things we are working on as well as provide you the chance to ask us direct questions about issues that concern you. If you get there early, you can participate in the studio audience here: SLURL LINK. The Region fills up fast though, so if you can't make it in person you can watch it on the web here and ask your questions in the provided chat room OR on twitter using the hashtags mentioned on that page. OR you can watch it on your sl tv's by tuning into This is all part of our continuing effort to reach more and more of our users and providing a means for more of our users to reach us. We have a big list of announcements to make this week, this is your chance to find out first! hope to see you all there!

We're blocking an old version (

A few days ago we discovered a bug in our first release viewer ver which sends the avatars first and last name to our server on login. This information is not used in any way and this bug does not exist in any of our other releases. We have sent a request to Linden Lab to block this version for the above reason AND because that version was FULL of bugs. We will also be blocking Linux because of bugs as well. We have had many great updates and improvements since then and would like any users still running that build to upgrade.

Phoenix Halloween Dance/Party!

On October 30th The Phoenix Team will be hosting a Halloween Dance for our users! You may come in costume (or not), it's entirely up to you, but we plan on showing up in costume ;). We will announce more information on that as we get closer to the event. Stay tuned to this blog or our twitter account for news and announcements!

Jessica Lyon

Phoenix Viewer


  1. Thanks for your perseverance in bringing this new viewer endeavour to us all, and congratulations on the first-rate professionalism you have shown in your actions and your product!

  2. Love the viewer but when are we going to be able to use it on Windows 7 without the run around, me being computer stupid it would be nice to get it on my new lappy as of now its to much work for me lol.

  3. First, I've tried a lot of viewers. After bouncing around, I'm settling on Phoenix.

    Having created several nonprofits, I'm well aware of the fact they are required to adhere to certain rules of governance, including your own articles of incorporation and bylaws.

    Congratulations, as I know it is not an easy task to create a nonprofit corporation. You are showing a lot of dedication and perseverance.

    R: I'm using Phoenix on Windows 7 with no apparent difficulty. Not sure what the issue is for you.

  4. the dev team, the mods, support staff, you all are grade A, top-notch, communicative, responsible, cheers for you all . . .

  5. Good luck with everything. I'm looking forward to a better SL experience using Phoenix. ( as I already do)..:)

  6. @R what is the Win7 issue? I have been running Phoenix and Emerald before it on Win 7 for at least 10 months.

  7. @R, I am not an official support person, but I suggest that you check the wiki, submit a jira ticket or contact one of the support people for assistance. These would be better avenues so we can get you the assistance that you need<3

  8. Fantastic job developers!!!!
    We are lucky to have you!
    Thank you.

  9. I'm using Phoenix on Win 7
    staright outa de box
    no bodges, patches, workarounds.

    Ta da

    and I lurve it long time.

  10. The Jira is VERY user unfriendly and it's difficult to figure how to submit bug reports and things. A forum is far more convenient for it's end users. I already know of at least 5 other people ingame who will not report bugs on the Jira due to the above.

    Makes Imprudence look better all the time.

  11. and funky reminds us why Emerald no longer exists...and why Phoenix has proven to be an immense class act. Thanks to everyone on the team who have given their time and knowledge so that even childish twits like funky can have a kickass viewer to improve their Sl experience.

    You have raised the bar and set the standard for all other viewers.

  12. Love Pheonix!! I don't like the feature that allows people to see if you have blocked them from seeing if you're online or not. I really think it's uncool and would like to see it gone in future releases.