Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Firestorm Beta 3 with Mesh Support!

Due to popular demand we’ve decided we can't hold back the Firestorm with Mesh support release, however this hasn’t been an easy decision. Unfortunately LL Mesh code comes with a lot of new bugs and undesirable behaviors which we honestly aren’t comfortable releasing with. Many of these issues we would consider blockers for a release. The issues which we wouldn’t consider blockers simply do not reach our expectations for a quality release. However, you asked for it! And you’re getting it in its current state!

For a list of LL Bugs effecting this Firestorm release, please see:

When you first log into this Firestorm release you will note a few things. First, your settings ‘should’ get reset automatically and your cache will be cleared. This is a must for this release because so much has changed that if you didn’t get settings and cache cleared you WILL have loads of problems. You must also ensure you install this to an empty directory on your computer and not over an existing installation. 

Also, please be patient during your first login on this version as performance will be significantly degraded while your inventory and texture cache gets populated. We suggest just standing around for a few minutes while this occurs. The best way to know when it's complete is to open your inventory and watch the numbers at the bottom. These represent how many inventory items you have loaded. When they stop, your inventory has completed the fetch and your ready to enjoy Firestorm with Mesh support.

We had hoped that this would be our official release and we would by now have reached our feature goals for the “Official release”. However, fate has stepped in the way. Since the release of our Beta 2 we have had a large number of our developer team going on vacations IRL, and thus slowing down the development process, (Though I think they all earned it). Also, many features have had to take a back seat to mesh for obvious reasons; things like Spell Check simply couldn’t be completed in time. The good news though is that this is not our official release and we still have plans to reach our official release feature goals soon!

The better news is that we have achieved many of our release features already. Here’s a summary of some of the new features in this Firestorm release besides the Mesh, improved shadows, Depth of Field and other things we adopted from LL.

Default interface choices from login page. Phoenix/V2/Hybrid
Custom Colored name tags and more
Contact sets - see following link:
Phoenix style contacts/Friend list
LGG Selection beam particle effects
Build in Flight assist with Bridge!
Script count!
Auto Correct
Font options!
New starlight skins
V1 similar volume controls so you don’t have to go into prefs
Volume sliders in the local speakers panel
Ability to fully disable your camera target hints
Improved Camera floater
Greater OpenSim Support
Calc and CAO from command line
Z-Offset is fixed, for changing the height offset of your avatar.
Updated RLVa
Ability to automatically undock side bar tabs
Group IM’s in nearby chat & Console
Italicized Emotes
and more!

Remember to take advantage of our wiki where we host loads of information about Firestorm and Phoenix Viewers.

Jessica Lyon
Phoenix Viewer Project


  1. Seems to be working fine for me, although it didn't clear my cache and reset all my settings it did reset some settings. It seems to be running extremely smoothly for the limited amount of playing with it I have done so far. I am loving it.

  2. Been using FS v3.x for a while now (self compiled) and it rocks !
    Yet again the Phoenix crew have busted their balls to give the users what they want with a public release ahead of schedule today, epicness !!

  3. I hope this release doesn't have the issues the Linden version is having with the newer Nvidia cards. I am crossing my fingers that I can log in without killing my video driver.

  4. I downloaded it and it looks great so far, very smooth and i didnt see any problems yet, i hope that it stays that way.
    And the fact that the big list of windlight settings is still in this version totally rocks!
    i HATE the fact that LL took them out in their viewer.

  5. I almost wish you hadn't caved to public pressure. I deal with whiny needy users all day and was disgusted with the reaction to your last post. You guys are working for free, you don't have to take any crap from anyone. But regardless, thank you for giving us what you could. I've been bouncing around different clients for different purposes and this will cut that down to next to nil.

  6. Okay so this version lets me view my mesh objects , but seriously no mesh uploading ? . Why bother to tease everyone with having that option listed in uploads when it doesn't work .

    As a Mesh model designer, all I want is a V3 viewer with RLV . Meaning I want a viewer with RLV , and lets me upload mesh models & see mesh content . Anything past that is extra stuff I don't use .

    This isn't a bad build and it is alot more stable then beta 2 ever was ... but no mesh uploading means I won't be using the viewer when I'm building . which is 85% of my time in SL of late . So I guess it's back to Kirstens an LL's Dev viewer til Firestorm has mesh upload supported in there client .

    Adding the windlight options Kirsten's uses along with the film options kirstens' uses , and having mesh model uploading actually work ... an I'd prolly use firestorm exclusivly .

    peace .

  7. This version seems worse, colors not crisp as before, outlines of everything seem blurred and the radar show someone as 5 meters away in chat range but they were on the other side of the sim.
    It appears to be the worst version released so far and I blame this mesh and windlight crap as extra bells and whistles we don't need!
    The Firestorm Alpha Preview worked the best and most stable so far!

  8. Did the people complaining about issues not READ this entry? They only released it due to people whining about not being able to see mesh. It's really NOT READY.

    Did I download and install it? Yes, I did. Just to check out the interface options. Will I be using it? Not at the moment no. Honestly I need Spell check more then I need Mesh.

    Mesh itself still has a lot of issues to be worked out before it becomes wide spread. You can read about some of them at New World Notes http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2011/09/sl-mesh-real-life-body-issue.html

  9. This Firestorm release, which is reportedly SO NOT READY, is working FAR better for me than V2/V3 EVER did.

    This, in my book, is QUITE ACCEPTABLE.

    Thank you Firestorm team SO MUCH!

  10. this release is total crap. I cant even log into it. moment i finish logging in, it just closes down automatically. not having a problem like this on any other viewers. Shouldnt of caved in like that... this is one piss-poor release.

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  12. some typos on that text Jessica,lol !!! :ppppp

  13. I know and appreciate the hard work of the Phoenix Firestorm people but I just don't think this version of the viewer is ready yet to be released and would have preferred to have waited for it to be sorted out bug wise first rather than rush it out with mesh. I was very excited about this release and this lackluster version just left me limp!

  14. I installed it before rushing to work, so didn't even start it. Still will try it just to see if with the new fonts i can finnaly get used to a v2 code viewer, despite the fact that all what i read is that if any wants to see meshes then must use HD Cool viewer, ironically, a v1 code with ported meshes.

    Just because you don't need the windlight and mesh options doesn't mean that other people don't need it.
    I know a LOT of people that DO need these options.

  16. Crappy release and they should have waited and not caved? Didn't YOU cave and download it, in spite of the post SAYING that it wasn't really ready?
    Quit being so damn entitled, the world does not revolve around you, despite what your Momma tells you every night when she tucks you in!
    Yes, I'm rude, but I'm so sick of people ignoring warnings and then whining about it. Grow UP!

  17. I can honestly not imagine people would wanna use it like this seeing all these bugs lmao. I am really looking forward to the official release and I do not have a lot of patience when it comes to exiting things but in this case I will wait :)

  18. Well i can be bitchy, and was really when i tried the other beta and couldn't read what i typed and due to that it was useless as a tool to be in world.
    I can be wise and even after installing it, not lanching it until i feel i need,
    But after reading Henry Beachamp coments on why cool viewer thats not have IN AO, im glad that Phoenix and Firestorm exist;)

  19. I was curious, so I installed it to see what's new. Aside from the many bugs, I'd say Firestorm is turning out to be pretty cool.

    I'm still going to resume using the previous beta until the official Firestorm release, but please tell me that we can still edit/create our own Windlights when it does? Lmao.

    Other than that, great work, guys! Remember to take a break and have a sammich and tea.

  20. "windlight crap as extra bells and whistles we don't need!"

    I HATE when people put words in my mouth (yes, since you say WE, you are including me too). I DO need windlight and all those "extra bells and whistles", if you don't need, many people do. The main reason I use Firestorm is because of the shadows and huge windlight list and now I'm really excited with DoF! (I don't care about mesh u.u) When my friend told me that Firestorm now was compatible with mesh, I said "ok"... when she said it has DoF I said "WHAAAT? OMG, I NEED TO SEE IT!!! *O*"
    Kirstens and V2/V3 are big crap for me, but this version of Firestorm is working really fine! I don't have to wait to load all my inventory, the viewer is smooth as Phoenix and I think it's even better than Firestorm-Beta '-'
    I don't know why are you complaining so much... if you don't like, continue using Kirstens and V3!

    The only difference I see is the image is a bit pixelated, but this effect disappears in photography (and now I have DoF \o\).

    Thank you Firestorm team for this... I will wait for the official release, but I'll be using this version until then hehehe.

  21. Hello Firesfriends xD

    I've tried version 3 of the Firestorm viewer throughout the morning (Spanish time) and I haven´t had so many problems as with the previous version, 2.5.2.

    Actually, I think that is a great job that has been done with this new version, still in beta version.

    In my PC (Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz and 4GB of memory RAM DDR2), I have appreciated that this new version goes far lighter and is more stable than the previous version.

    Also, I have observed that this new version has new features, such as for example, change the font type and font size, choose a color for the rest of viewers and much more new features.

    Team Phoenix, thanks for this great work.

    Greetings :)

  22. The contacts list is now bulky and terrible, With a display name Column, Then a Username Colum, The two View permission columns, And you can't change it!! Why do i need to see both these colums when it's been fine as it is in 2.52? Please please please, put the option to change it back in the next release!

  23. Thank you, Firestorm Team, for the updated viewer that supports Mesh. I have several beautiful Mesh dresses and gowns. To everyone who said Mesh either wouldn't work well on various shaped avatars or that Mesh wouldn't be a vast improvement ... you were soooo wrong.

  24. When ones uses a beta, it means that, is on beta state, so prone to bugs,
    Worse on LL case, that they release a beta and make it the officla choice for newbies.
    But nobody can criticize the Phoenix Firestorm team, they warn and more then a fair one, that this version is not a steady ready one, even in beta, so if some are having issues, it was your choice not use it in 1st place.
    So for once, don't complain here but fill the Firestorm jira.
    I beleave they all appreciate much more that kind of input

  25. An open alpha release means everyone can try it and post their thoughts about it. Yes its buggy and incomplete but think about it. More feeback can only be a good thing. It will aid in the development by helping them to mould Firestorm according to our desires and the more people who contribute by testing it, the quicker we'll get a beta or final release.

    In the short term, I hope we'll soon see a backport of mesh for Phoenix, just like CoolVL.

  26. Well, it looks like half-support for Windows 2000 has ended with the 3.x relase. I've convinced 2.x to work with DLL wrappers when it was on my HDD, but 3.x is showing that Firestorm-Beta.exe is not a valid win32 app.

    So... I'm rolling back to 16922. Maybe in future, if I'll be able to afford a new machine for newer Windows/Linux OS I'll install new Firestorm as well.

  27. Is anyone aware of issues with SLURLS again?
    Old registry fix AND this SLURL proxy STILL open a second viewer.

    This beta mesh version is the only one I have installed.

  28. Works pretty well to me!
    I have to say that to me it is the most stable mesh viewer available to date.

    I have been checking this site everyday for about a month waiting for this release, I'm so happy it came!

    This is great work,
    Thank you very much, Firestorm team!

  29. Works pretty well for me. No crashes. UI looks fine when set to StarLight & Silver Blue. Got rid of the useless and annoying side bar (thanks for the tip guys). I changed the colours of the pie menu to match my skin settings. Maybe that's something you could add later?

    My only gripes are:

    The People window - The title "People" needs to be raised up, it's too low, which limits the size of the actual list of people. Would also be good if the "filter people" bar could be disabled, further increasing the height of the list.

    The Conversations window - The "display name" shows the username, so surely we dont need another column for usernames?

    Apart from that, I'm very pleased with this latest version, even if it isn't ready. Now that I can see mesh objects, I'll be using it exclusively.

    Job well done :)

  30. Just wanted to say that I like a lot of the UI changes and the fact that some of my settings were remembered :D. I installed along side V2 Firestorm beta but changed cache location and all seems to be working well.

    Shadows no better for me (HD 6900) but didn't expect they would be. One freeze when trying to turn on ambient occlusion. The only thing that doesn't seem to be working for me is Depth of Field. Perhaps that only works with something else turned on?

    Group chat not working at the moment but I will figure it out eventually.

    Great job and THANK YOU!!!!!!

  31. fine so far, but i really would appreciate it to have the option of minimizing windows back, instead of only open/close.

    does it really make sense to write on a sheet of paper which profile i want to see again in half an hour?

  32. so far I'm happy! Except crashed when i turned on shadows.. but I can do mesh outfits and the rest seems to work fine. Havent tried many laggy things yet but photo works and havent tried new features. Yay mesh!

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  36. My problem i am having now is my WASD movement buttons dont work anymore.. they cause my to start chatting.. and i have checked and unchecked the arrow keys move me button in options.. it's fucked.

  37. I am currently using this viewer. There seems to be a lag problem with it, its like walking in air pockets. Also the teleport needs to be fixed.

  38. I hope these features will be added next version because i don't see them yet.

    Import/Export Objects
    Inventory Backup
    Change permissions / texture of new object upon rez
    Sound Cache
    Minimap Cam-to
    Incoming IM message / Resident is typing message
    Autoreply to non-friends / give item in autoreply

  39. I'm really grateful that you've included the ability to log onto other grids (esp osgrid) with Firestorm.

    There are, of course, bugs in this release (just like you warned us there would be -funny, that!) but all in all the inclusion of mesh, the ability to make 64sqm prims and -of course- the grid manager make this a worthwhile upgrade (for me, at least).


  40. I'll hold off until the official release, but want to put in my thanks for your hard work on this!

  41. Can anyone tell me why After installing Firestorm 3 My Anti Virus detected a malicious threat in an altered slplugin.exe?

  42. The previously version Firestorm is like magic,is working for me so nice with all the graphics on high and with pretty shadows, this is important for me since i am blogger,the DOF effect is pretty cool ,but new version has a problem at least for me if i enable my antialiasing my pretty shadows are gone, so plsss fix this.
    My specification:

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz (1729.01 MHz)
    Memory: 8173 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce GT 425M/PCI/SSE2

    Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0012.5903
    OpenGL Version: 4.0.0

  43. Well its nice and ever thing, I love having a 2.0 viewer with things from Phoenix, but for god's sake stop taking away the 2.0 interface and putting in 1.X interface.

  44. Okay... first off thanks Phoenix team for all your hard work.

    Positives: the viewer runs well, DOF (actually works for my comp unlike Kirstens), Mesh (yay), overall stability.

    Negatives: The major negatives for me are photography related. I have tried Kirstens latest release, as well as V3 and phoenix you were my only hope. When I take an image, and not it isn't even a high res image. I can see these quadrant lines/grid lines. As someone who spends a good deal of time taking images when in SL, it makes me a bit sad.

    Photography related negative 2: I wish you had more tabs supporting shadows...smooth on distance etc etc. If this viewer has these and I missed them. Please forgive me. Yes I can edit in PS, but it would help a bit.

    Another bit...but I think it has to do with the viewer not being ready is that I can not use search.

    That's it,
    thanks for listening

  45. I am really loving the new mesh veiwer thank you so so much!

  46. @Shiouri Eden
    I and a large number of other people can't stand the 2.0 interface. The Phoenix crew listend. Firestorm is their answer. Don't like it? Don't use it. Nobody's forcing you. I only wish it was MORE like Phoenix.

    The windows in Starlight/Silver need coloured edges. When I have more than one window open, they look as though they've been merged into one giant multi-cornered window.

  47. With the list of bugs and seeing how they actually showed for me , I went back to using Phoenix.

    I'll wait for the Firestorm mesh to have the bugs fixed as I found it very annoying.

    Rushing to please a few instead of having a viable completely operational version of firestorm, in my opinion, is NOT the way to go.

    Better a car with a running engine that one with no gas tank or engine.

  48. It was working great until today... Now it simply refuses to start at all, the process closes itself like 10 seconds after I ran it through the icon

  49. hello
    I have a probleme Firestorm just don't open on my MAC the window still white i trash all and download new twice can someone help me please, i like firestorm very much :)

  50. Greetings Firestorm/Pheonix team.

    I just downloaded firestorm 3.0.1 beta.

    I was rather curious how shadows dont at all seem to work, it bassically turns everything a really strand white bright light, and black light...

    Looks really wierd.



  51. Kudos To Hennry Beauchamps again for showing how Cool viewer can handle meshes better then any other.
    So no excuse for not having its code ported to phoenix, is still thre most used viewer in all grid for a large margin.
    Still, with LL bugs being sorted out, i beleave in less then a yesr firestorm will be the viewer that we all use. And one year is not a lifetime.

  52. A native 64 bit linux client would still be much appreciated. Is that in the offing?

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I like having a viewer that supports Mesh but on my 27 inch iMac (Mid 2011, 3.1GHz Core i5, Radeon HD 6970M 1GB) it KILLS the framerate from Beta 2 (in both OS X and Windows). I dips it from like 25fps to 8-6fps in some situations. Sometimes it even goes as low as 2fps. Then again, I noticed the official Viewer 3 also does this. I hope you guys find a way to fix the crap frame rate in the Viewer 3 code. Also, its a beta with many bugs so I knew there was going to be issues.

    For now, I am going to stick with Phoenix until they get they have a more polished build of Firestorm.

  55. @ZZ BOTTOM

    If you actually read what Henry said, you'd realize why the Phoenix team can't just drop his mesh backport into the phoenix viewer. He's had to spend a lot of time backporting other 2.x code into Cool Viewer to make it even remotely possible to do. It's not a drop in patch.

    The Phoenix team already has a viewer capable of mesh and they've made it pretty clear they aren't going to be spending a lot of time with new features for Phoenix that require a lot of coding work on their part. If you want to use Cool Viewer, then have at.

    As for those whining about not being able to upload mesh. Rendering and uploading are two different things entirely. LL uses a rather expensive proprietary library to do it. I don't know what Kirsten managed to cobble together to make it work. I do know that Firestorm will have mesh uploads added once the dev team figure out the best route to take to add it. Mesh is still pretty cutting edge. Most of us just wanted to be able to view it. If you have the knowhow and desire to create mesh object, then you certainly have the capability of using LL's viewer for the upload part in the interim.

    As for my experience so far with Beta 3. It's been pretty positive. The friends grouping screen would be a LOT easier to use without the fancy scrolling effect, but it's workable. 64m prims rock.

  56. REPORT BUGS IN THE PROPER FORM PEOPLE FFS http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa

  57. @Dilbert Dilweg

    It is problem of your antivirus that detects slplugin as a virus when in fact it isn´t.

    I recommend you to add an exception in the firewall of your antivirus for slplugin with allowing entry and exit permits activated, If you don't know please do check out this tutorial: http://forum.skycabal.com/showthread.php?tid=120

    I am using avast! Internet Security original and slpugin has not been detected as a virus so that I have not any problem

    Greetings :)

  58. As one of the people who asked (twice) for you to rush forward your mesh version of Firestorm, I'm really pleased to report that this release works beautifully and there is none of that horrid lag I was getting with V3 and Kirstens whenever I clicked on anything. It's very stable and (apart from laggy locations where everyone is suffering) has much-improved fps with my crappy graphics card. All I can say is, if this is a make-shift version, the 'proper' one is going to be amazing.

    Thanks to you all for your hard work and continued commitment to give everyone what they want.

  59. Overall cool releaease, yes it has bugs and yes was expected as you have said not ready for release really...is there anyway to not have the old friends list format ..cos urmm I really dont like it at all LOL - only big issue Ive found have been with huds and editing huds, client seems to ignore the fact they are there or they are offset slightly - im not technical so it might be a listed issue ...anyway thats it really just the friends list will take getting used to if I cant revert it back to the "new" one.

  60. I don't know if someone already said that, but my worries with this last version are, the fact that you can't prevent your windlight setting to get back to default on each sim crossing (I'm a test pilot in SL), and as a texturer I miss a lot the local browser that allows to check on some texture before uploading, even tempo
    I really hope those bugs will be fixed
    Thanks for your awsome job anyway...

  61. I am using the Firestorm Beta Mesh and LOVING it just like the Phoenix viewer 1. My SL search is not working, either option, and is there anyway the camera control can be set so it is always on the screen. Also, can the movement onscreen control be made to place where we want it? Other than that OMG love it.

  62. Why the spyware/virus Suspicious.MLApp is detected inside slplugin.exe in this version by norton anti virus and was not detected in the precedent versions ?

  63. I like being able to view mesh, thank you! I was able to view and take a picture of a mesh clock for the September UWA challenge. Thanks a million!

  64. I'm having problems with this new released version of firestorm beta mesh... I keep crashing... Could i have the URL of the older version so i can download it please? anyone?

  65. Same mistake as LL always did: prefer shiny new things to fixing bugs.

    You should have make the previous BETA running stable firts before includeing new functionality.

    I'm dissapointed

  66. Didnt like this version. Fonts and background colors hard to find right combination to make them readable. Sooo.. ended up shifting to LLs Viewer 2 ...

  67. With 60K inventory cache & crashing 1-2 times a day now, lagged to hell - having to choose empty sims to be able to move, I'll hold off on this as long as I can. Or just not bother logging off Entropia & logging on to SL.

    I just want a lag-free crash-free SL. If I can get blond hair that doesn't look like an upturned bowl of albino snakes, great.

  68. So far I find the current Firestorm beta stable and thus clearly satisfactory enough, having in mind the warnings Jessica had given in advance that it would rather be a workshop-like look over the shoulder (all the wisenheimers complaining about this release should pull their heads out of their dead pig just for a second). But I’m much afraid that my Mac Pro early 2008 with 10 Gigs of RAM, a GTX 285 and a SSD as a boot-drive won’t keep up with the nice new graphics features like shadows and global illumination. Bummer! As if I would print my own money like Timothy Geithner.

    (And no, despite the considerable improvement concerning the fonts I’m still not happy with the UI, still too many inconsistencies, unnecessary window clutter, windows not remembering their last size and position and so forth. I’ll concede at once, of course, that the devs have done pretty well compared to the Linden viewer and that things like mesh implementation were more pressing, but it would take a magician anyway to turn a dog pile into mousse au chocolat. A magic wand handy, anyone?)

    Now I’m waiting for two things: the official Firestorm release (rev. 3, preferably) and a new Mac with better graphics.

  69. While i love the idea of this viewer, I find myself going back to Phoenix for reasons (sort of) unrelated to the viewer interface.
    1 - Phoenix is about 10x faster for me than Firestorm
    2 - Phoenix is brighter (on my screen, I can see things better) than Firestorm.

    I honestly have been using V2 viewers, both official and TPV since they all were released. But the V2 based viewers still don't match the V1 viewers in the above very simple, basic ways. They are slow, and they are dark.

    As a builder, the fact that the viewer is nimble and bright and easy to work in trumps a few so-so mesh skirts. I'm not sure why the brightness doesn't translate to viewer 2 products. But it doesn't.

  70. I prefer Phoenix format over the Firestorm /2nd life viewer 2
    Why not make the format like Phoenix, much easier to work with, so it looks like I will stay with Phoenix until such a time I much change.
    I think Phoenix is much better, sorry, but that is me.

  71. I'd like the option for the camera controls to stay on screen and not close everytime you click something . It gets really annoying while building TY

  72. I think Phoenix viewer is much better, if you force me to choose between Firestorm and Firestorm only I will have to return to 1.23 or other 1.x viewer available, sorry, but mesh is just not enought to justify the change.

  73. Sorry.. but forcing to change us yes or yes is just an epic fail, I think Phoenix viewer is much better.. but if you force me to choose between Firestorm and Viewer 3 only I will have to return to 1.23 or other 1.x viewer available, sorry.. understand once and for all... mesh is just not "enought" to justify a major change in UI philosophy.

  74. I am learning to love this viewer,it has some quirks but I realize that its a matter of trying to learn a whole new viewer without being able to take the same amount of time it took to learn the old one

  75. LL is way too interested in stuff like this page and way too neglectful of the ordinary Resident who could not care anything about meshing, mashing, and other arcane computer lingo.
    I just want to be able to navigate around easily, be protected from attacks, and generally have this site work as easily as Facebook or Hotmail.
    Today, SL is so difficult to use that I am surprised you have any new Residents. Frustration is the name of the entry game and it lasts for months of regular visits.
    I would have bailed out of this difficult thing but I want to write an article about it.

  76. I loved the features of Firestorm, but now I am not able to log on with Firestorm any more. I read notes on your site and it indicates it does not support PowerPC based Mac computers.I didn't realize that there were any non-PowerPC Macs still left in use. What's up not supoorting mac computers?

  77. @ garyGreer1: Only Intel-Macs are being supported, afaik. Apple discontinued Power Macs in August 2006.

  78. The beta laaags.

    Still us my old Viewer.

    It crashes, viewer feezes and even under nvidea.

    no fun

  79. @Raven under the Chat options set "Pressing letter keys:" to Affects movement, that will fix it for you

  80. I have the agree with what Candy said, this viewer lags very badly. I hate not to use to because where I work on SL they are starting to get mesh items that I cant see because I cant run the new mesh viewer because of the extreme lag. For now I am going to have to use the old viewer and be behind everyone else. To be honest, that really sucks. Fix this, please because I want to use it.

  81. Hi, I have problems connecting. all I can get, but I can not firestorm. I worked perfectly, until three days ago. Now, when I connect takes long to load, and when it does, my pulled from the game. not to do, because I think the error is not mine. and I like the viewfinder, I want to continue using it. I hope is fixed soon. or at least someone to help me with my problem. I'm Spanish, sorry if the translation is wrong.

  82. I cannot get windlight settings to kick in on this viewer at all. Even teleporting out and back in did not set them. And I have it checked to make sure they set for me. Also, on log in, for 10 minutes I was a cloud. I had to charecter test to get back normal. Also, where is export for my builds???!

  83. OK found export but not having temp uploads is killing me as a creator! OMG!. And someone said you guys had kept the texture/light projection settings that were in the mesh beta of sl viewer? if so, i don't see it anywhere, and I made a ton of items with settings for that when i did the mesh beta sl viewer, the ONLY reason i used that one! AND lo and behold, export is gone again. i can't even export a simple cube I just made! GAH heading back to phoenix where I know things are working well.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Im having problems with the shadows the light an shadow button is grey out aswell as a few others an i dont know how tofix them pleaqse can somebody help me thanks

  86. Did anyone else have any issues with the application not launching at all? I have attempted to open it numerous ways and it doesn't launch. I have tried both the original link and the alternative. Suggestions?

  87. I am getting the following message when I start the viewer

    Host phoenixviewer.com not found

    But I can login ok

    In world search comes up with

    Host phoenixviewer.com not found

    I believe this should be an easy fix, but I have not found the fix online as yet, can anyone help?