Saturday, 3 September 2011

Happy Birthday Phoenix Project!

Yes..Today is our birthday! 

Exactly one year ago today this blog post  
spread around the grid like wildfire. It was the birth of the Phoenix Viewer Project. 

Today, at noon SLT we will be celebrating with a very big party. Our developers and support staff will be on hand to talk to, mingle with and ask questions. We’ll also have a live DJ and a speech or two. Unfortunately it’s only one region and if I post the location on this blog.. we’ll be overwhelmed and likely crash the sim a time or ten. So at approximately 11:45 am SLT today I will be sending a group notice out to our main Support group. If you would like to attend, be in that group :) . For those who cannot attend, I will post my speech on this blog after the party and any other speeches made from other team members. 

Hope to see you there!
Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
Phoenix Viewer Project, Inc


  1. Happy Birthday Phoenix Crew and thanks for all the hard work !

  2. Happy Birthday STAFF! I♥YOU omg ! This baby is growing


  4. Jessica / team

    Happy birthday to Phoenix and congratulations & thanks to all of you for everything you've given us through Phoenix and Firestorm.

    Hope to see you at the party & give a write-up!

  5. Happy Birthday Phoenix.
    When this project started out of the ruins of the Emerald Viewer, I really thought it was little more than desperation and high ideals. Now it is the device that has given me back my SL.

    Congratulations to Jessica and all the Team....proof that gining the user what they want and need is a successful strategy.
    Thankyou once again and Happy Birthday and I wish you many more.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!Phoenix Crew!!!

  7. Woot!!!
    Happy Birthday to the Phoenix - and congratulations to the crew who made it the most-recognized (Third Party) Viewer within SL!
    I agree with Ayesha and go even a step further: The Phoenix is the living proof that listening to the clientele and giving them what they wish and need is THE strategy to be successful :)
    Thank you for your great work, and best wishes to all of you.

  8. Happy Birthday Phoenix team!
    Keep up the good work, your achievements are amazing!

  9. Has is really only been a year since Emerald imploded? Time flies and thankfully the developers have not rested with Firestorm.

  10. It's hard to believe it was only a year ago. The Phoenix team has done some pretty amazing things in that amount of time. Happy B-day!

  11. Congratulations to the Phoenix Team! I wrote a post today. I included one pic from the celebration.